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Dear Friend,

Join us to improve the health, quality of life, and well-being for the developing world, and a healthier environment for all.

Thank you for recognizing the urgency of our mission and for helping to underwrite our work. With your help, we are performing important research in Tanzania, producing and installing new stoves, training women's teams, and getting closer to our aims.

As with all mission-driven non-profits, fundraising is the lifeblood of our group. Whether you contribute twenty dollars or twenty million dollars, your enthusiasm and financial commitment helps save lives. We invite you to donate online at our new International Collaborative website.

Maasai Stoves & Solar Project

Would you like to attend an intimate fundraiser north of Boston?

Two of our Advisors are hosting a party as a fundraiser. There may be a few more spaces available for Saturday, June 22 in the early evening.

Hosting at their lovely home in North Andover, they are serving elegant hors d'oeuvres and beverages inspired by Tanzanian and other African cuisines. This is a special opportunity to meet fellow donors.

I will be giving a short presentation for an insider's view of the Project. If you would like to receive an invitation or to be put on the waiting list, please contact Debra Strick.


Robert V. Lange, President
Maasai Stoves & Solar Project
The International Collaborative
Personal smoke exposure

The public health community has performed extensive research on the impact of high personal average exposures to the particulate pollution found in homes where biomass is burned for cooking.  


Maasai Stoves & Solar chimney

We know our stoves reduce the average level in the homes by 90 percent. Now we must measure the average experienced by individuals. This includes children of differing heights and women who might go outside during cooking requiring long simmering.   

Therefore to measure the specific health improvements facilitated by our stoves, it is necessary to measure smoke exposure of the individual in addition to smoke levels in the home, already evaluated.   


To those ends, we designed a new experiment to determine typical ratios of average smoke in the house to average smoke exposure of individuals.

Intern Olivia Winokur is currently conducting the experiment in Monduli and we look forward to sharing research results with you. 

Wheelock College spotlights Maasai Stoves & Solar


Bob Lange and Maasai Stoves & Solar Project
Working together in Tanzania

Thank you to Wheelock College and its 125 Anniversary Conference on Global Challenge for spotlighting our work. The June 19-22 conference focuses on world health, education, and human rights.  


I will be speaking on Thursday, June 20 at 12:30 p.m. at Wheelock's Innovation Center at 200 Riverway, Boston.  

 Read more about the conference and full or one-day participation.  

Continuing a great collaboration


It was the French organization CODEGAZ, working with funds from the GDF Suez Foundation, that enabled us to extend our Project into the new villages of Esilalei, Losirwa, and Losimingori last fall. They funded the costs of training the women's installation teams, and paid for the TOYO motorcycle-powered miniature pickup truck that we use to distribute bricks and fire boxes.   

Maasai lands
Entrepreneurship and Maasai women

We are now planning to establish some experimental income-generating activities that will provide a small but significant fraction of the funds we need to keep stoves available at affordable prices to the Maasai communities.


CODEGAZ will send three or four volunteer engineers and business professionals to our Project to participate in a feasibility study.


Our plans include motorized corn flour production and high quality farm product storage.  Both endeavors will provide jobs for women and demonstrate wealth producing possibilities to the community.  


Thank you CODEGAZ for your continuing support. 

Appreciation for Monduli Commissioner Jowika W. Kasunga


Working towards partnerships with groups that would like to apply some of their resources to our Project is important to our work.  


The small grants program of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is one of those groups. Grants are reviewed by committees of local citizens who have significant development experience.  


Recommendations from local government leaders familiar with an organization's field work determine whether the applicant is worthy.  


We are proud that Mr. Jowika W. Kasunga, the Commissioner of Monduli District, has once again stood with us and assured the UNDP committee that we are authentically in the community and doing the kind of development work they should support.


Mr. Kasunga nominated us for the honor of the Uhuru Torch Ceremony in our Project village of Esilalei. He was the keynote speaker at our meeting in February for the men and women of Esilalei, Losirwa, and Losimingori, urging men to value the quality of life in the homes of their wives and children and to be ready to sell livestock when it is necessary for family health.

Receiving the Uhuru Torch in Esilalei
Uhuru Torch honors Maasai Stoves & Solar 


We have a proposal into the Tanzanian office of UNDP and hope that after their upcoming meeting we will hear good news about their support. Commissioner, we  appreciate all that you do for us.   



June, 2013
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Volunteer opportunities
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Video and Photo 

View a video from our early days and see Maasai Stoves & Solar and our community in action, filmed by Brian Petchers.  


Soon we will add our new videos--stay tuned.   


Thank you to photographer Philip Lange for the use of your fine photos that tell our story so well.  


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