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7:11, by Head Writer Leilani Downer.
Head Writer Leilani Downer debuts a moving and timely story about a nurse in a Covid ward who receives a visit from a spiritual entity.

Inspired by the works of TV/Film such as HBO's Six Feet Under, or Robin William's What Dreams May Come, 7:11 should provide actors with an opportunity to occupy characters living in a supernatural world, while being overtaken with real world emotion.

FEMALE / 20-40S/ Open Ethnicity
MALE 20S, 30S, 40S African American
Featured Director
Multi-talented director, cinematographer, and editor Joel Edwards comes to Hollywood Casting and Film to direct Leilani Downer's 7:11. Having spent years developing strong story concepts for music videos, commercials, and short films in Los Angeles while working with artists like Anthony Russo (Avengers Endgame), James Gray (Director of Ad Astra), Mark Ruffalo, Karen Gillan, and Danai Gurira.

Joel's creative mission is to leave a positive impact in the world through this beautiful medium of story telling. He strives to better himself and continue to learn and grow in his craft so that he might leave behind a legacy for others.  

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We had a great time interviewing head writer Leilani Downer along with HC&F Premium Members Vena Howard and Dylan Rogers. To listen, to the interview, go to the link below:

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