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New Projects

Barn Deconstruction in Somers & Prospect
As you might expect these projects will generate laods of barn siding  and barn timbers. Some of the materials from the Somers barn are already sold before removal,  to a restaurant project in Middletown and a house renovation project in Norwalk
There will be much more details on the deconstruction project in Prospect, we are waiting to sign the contract. So all of those materials are still available

Church Salvage in Waterbury

An 1884 church building is coming down, but we are salvaging doors, light fixtures, mantles, cabinets, stained glass windows and more. Urbanminers is working with Monger's Market in order to salvage a greater volume. Where, by the way all of the salvaged materials are for sale. 

Shed Salvage
We will move this amazing shed/ studio/ cabin to your property. see details on our website shopping page.

Estate Furniture 
We still have furniture from our last estate , but now there is more because of this latest group of  furniture. For the moment all furniture is sold at Bridgeport.

Open Saturday's 9-1 at Mongers Market 1155 Railroad Avenue, Bridgeport ,Ct.

Friday & Saturday, 10-3 at Fairhaven Furniture

Retail Note: 
We are still transitioning our space at Fairhaven Furniture as they continue to renovate the building. In Bridgeport we are still setting up we we wait for the formal opening of the facility. But we do have inventory in both locations and are open for specified hours. And of course there is Fairhaven Furniture to browse and Monger's Market to browse as well.

Live Edge hardwood

Not antique but useful nonetheless. And locally harvested. Yes we like old stuff but sustainability is the bottom line and local production and use is sustainable.  Loads of square stock 1x and 2x, as well as live edge slabs up to 3 inches thick. We have some ready to go at 3-4 years air dried. Contact us for ordering. 

Gift cards come in 10,20. & 50 dollar amounts.

Fully insured, 

Ct. Class B Demolition License Ct. #2013

Phone: (203) 287-0852