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Psychology & Social Work
August 2019
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Discover Attachment Theory
Showing How Our Earliest Attachments Affect Us All Throughout Our Lives
By  Joan Woodward
Written in straightforward language, and accessible to the average reader, this is the first of a series of short books which will show how Attachment Theory can be relevant to everybody. Woodward's purpose is to enable readers to understand and think about the process of 'Neurotic Solutions' and to apply what they learn to the ways they relate to themselves and to others. This short book gives her enlightening and highly readable thoughts on 'Neurotic Solutions,' updating and clarifying her previous work.
ISBN 9781911383215
Free Association Books
New Stories of Anxiety
Edited by  Naomi Arnold
In 2017, Ministry of Health figures showed that one in five New Zealanders sought help for a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder, and these figures are growing. Headlands tells the real, messy story behind these statistics—what anxiety feels like, what causes it, what helps and what doesn't.
ISBN 9781776561896
Victoria University Press
Psychoanalysis of Technoscience
Symbolisation and Imagination
By  Hub Zwart
This book presents a psychoanalysis of technoscience. Basic concepts and methods developed by Freud, Jung, Bachelard and Lacan are applied to case histories (palaeoanthropology, classical conditioning, virology).
ISBN 9783643910509
LIT Verlag

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