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Our new building addition is just about done, so stop in and see all the items we've moved into that area. We have been adding racing tack and some other great items. 

Join us on November 1st for the Gran Coleadero De Lujo, sponsored by Marquez and Margarito Hernadez of Pasturas Los Alazanes. It will be a great time!

We appreciate your business!
Pasturas Los Alazanes

Los Invitan!
Gran Coleadero De Lujo

Promociones chuy Marquez y Sr. Margarito Hernandez de Pasturas Los Alazanes. Los invitan a Gran Coleadero de lujo este 1 de Noviembre en el gran lieno el Zacatecano. Con mas de 60 totos limpios garantizado, para que se diviertan hasta que el cuerpo aguante. En la musica, tendremos a la super banda tierra Guanajuatence para alegrar el ambiente.


Purina Announces New Layena Poultry Feed

Purina Animal Nutrition announces an updated formula of Purina Layena Premium Poultry Feed. Available in both pellets and crumbles, this complete feed is formulated to support hen immune health and support egg quality. "Hens require additional, specific nutrients when they begin laying eggs," says Gordon Ballam, Ph.D., director of lifestyle innovation and technical services for Purina Animal Nutrition...
New Equine Senior 

Not all aging horses are alike when it comes to their nutritional needs and dietary requirements. With an estimated 700,000 senior horses living in the United States today, senior horse nutrition is of big concern to many horse owners. Consideration of varying degrees of activity, dental and digestion performance in senior horses has led Purina to ...
Alimentando Para Competencia

Many of our customers are feeding high performance horses. This is a good article about the challenges of feeding a proper diet for the best performance. TheHorse.com en Espa�ol: Alimentando Para Competencia.
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Vaccinating Your Horse Against Equine Flu

If your horse travels to shows or meets up with other horses with any frequency it is a good idea to have them vaccinated against equine influenza. Equine flu is a virus that is constantly changing and adapting. As a result, flu vaccines are always being updated to include the latest strains of the virus. Frequent boosters are required to ...
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November 1, 2014
all day

We will close early

Be sure to check the event calendar on our website for future store events!

Cabalgata a Success

If you weren't able to make it to our Gran Cabalgata on October 26, 2014, here are some pictures. We had a great turnout and a fun ride.

Pasturas Los Alazanes 

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