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Get to Know a Member of the SSPA Team!
In this new series, we'll feature one of our team members each week!
Q&A with Volunteer Noelle Fiore

How long have you been part of Sacramento Shelters Pets Alive and what inspired you to be part of the team?
Going on five years now. I had always loved dogs and wanted to volunteer with shelter dogs for a long time but I never had the time. When I moved to Sacramento at the end of 2014, I met my neighbors Cary and Robert who were volunteering with SSPA (then PBSOC) and told me all about it. I couldn't get involved quick enough!

What’s the best thing about being a member of the SSPA team?
Working with the dogs, obvs. More specifically, seeing a completely shutdown dog transform into a silly loving pup over time with the patience and help of our team. 
What moment during your time with SSPA is most memorable for you? 
The moment Roger, pictured at left/above, got adopted after a year at the shelter. I worked with Roger just about every week during his long stay. He had been adopted and came back to us a couple of times. When he finally found the family that could see all of the qualities that had myself and just about every other volunteer and team member obsessed with him, I literally cried tears of happiness and relief. I'll never forget him. 

What do you hope to help SSPA accomplish in the future?
I hope to help SSPA become the standard of how sheltering should be across the country. This program is the gold standard in my eyes and each shelter dog deserves the chance to fully thrive in a shelter environment until they find their home.

And finally, what is your favorite thing about your pets?
How much time do you have??? OK, If I had to pick one thing about my three dogs, it's the way that they make me feel at home wherever I am with them. We travel a lot and they often come with us. They are home to me. 
Happy Tails: Chidi's Story
Chidi after life-saving surgery from the medical team, left/above, and today in his forever home, right/below.
Chidi is yet another example of SSPA's motto "Where All Dogs Matter."

Previously known as Cowboy, Chidi was attacked by his owner’s dogs. However, when leaving Chidi at the shelter, the owner stated he had found Chidi attacked.

Chidi was left in truly horrific condition and our incredible medical team performed multiple surgeries to save him.

His adopter says: "Grateful for my pup Chidi. This senior rescue Chow mix was recovering from horrible injuries when I got him from SSPA and now he’s a fluffy, happy boy. Don’t discount the joy a senior dog can bring your life."

This is what we mean by "Where All Dogs Matter": No matter a dog's age, condition or other issues, SSPA is here to provide a safety net and ensure they all get a chance to be loved and find a happy new beginning. And we couldn't do this without the amazing work of the medical team!
More Happy Tails!

This boy is such a cherished family member and loving every second of being in his forever home!

His adopters say: “Scout is really coming into his own. When we first got him, he was very shy and not super confident himself. I am happy to report that he is a happy pup and has made several friends since we adopted him in May! He is also insanely intelligent and talkative! We will ask him questions and responds with the cutest squeak and purr noises. He loves to play fetch and tug of war and to go on runs. He also is a big cuddler (when he wants to be). We are absolutely in love with him and can't thank y'all enough for alerting us about him! We can't imagine our lives without him."

Our beloved boy Rusty found a wonderful forever home where he gives plenty of love and gets plenty in return!

His adopter Marie says: “I just wanted to share some pics of me and Rusty since I have adopted him. He is doing so well and I love him to pieces. He is very protective over me and shows love every day.”

Lolo, formerly Belle, found her forever home earlier this year - and we are thrilled for her.

She's a pro walker and napper and enjoys puppacinos once in a while!

Her family says: "She has been such a joy in our lives! She is great with all people, and is so sweet and cuddly. She loves keeping and eye on the neighborhood and protecting us. Our family just love her and we couldn’t be more thankful to you all for introducing her to us."
Did you know that our support for our dogs doesn't end when they're adopted? We offer post-adoption counseling to help your new pup successfully transition into its new home! Email us at 
Support SSPA's Life-Saving Programs
Halloween Photo Contest
Less than two weeks left in SSPA’s adorable pet-costume photo contest! Have you entered you pet(s) yet?!

Voting is already in full swing and the competition is ruff! Don’t miss your chance to have your beloved goobers compete for best in show, spread smiles and raise funds for our life-saving programs for pups!

Whether they’re spooky, something sweet or a treat to eat, submit your photo and support SSPA dogs in the process.

Here's how to participate:
  • ENTER your pet’s photo at Each entry is $10, and you get 10 votes for your photo with your submission.
  • VOTE as often as possible and get friends and family to vote as well! Votes are $1 each, with a 5-vote minimum, and you can vote as many times as you like!

The photo with the most votes gets to be the cover of our Facebook page for 3 months and wins an enlarged and framed print of the winning photo, a Crown and Paw pet portrait, and an SSPA T-shirt! And there are also awesome prizes for the two runners-up!

So, what are you waiting for?! Enter your pet and start gaining votes today!
Community Keeps Making Our Dogs' Days!
The community keeps stepping up to give our dogs a day out of the shelter - and we can't thank you enough!

Being in a shelter kennel day after day would be tough on any of us, so you're making a big difference by getting the pups out and about!

Plus, your descriptions and photos not only help them find foster or adoptive homes, but also encourage others to join the #SSPADogDayOut team!

Please help keep the positive momentum going by continuing to participate and spreading the word!

Let's keep these dogs smiling!

Want to get involved?
Spotlight on Senior Pups
Fosters Needed: Won't You Take Us Home?

This 9-year-old boy is a serious dream boat.

Volunteers have called him a "special boy" a "teddy bear"!

He's up for anything, easy-going, sweet as pie and loves affection!

So let’s get this precious boy out of the shelter and into a comfy, loving home!

Apply to foster him today:  

Our gentle giant is an amazing boy who walks well on leash - no pulling - and enjoys car rides.

He’s equally happy going on adventures as he is lounging about!

He’d prefer a home without other pups and with handlers who understand that he’s less comfy with his back end being touched.

Overall, he’s just hoping to de-stress and chill out as a family member!

To foster this handsome dude, fill out a foster application:

Just look at the incredible smile on this amazing senior’s face! Nothing makes her happier than being part of a family and around people!

One of our Dog Day Out volunteers says: “She was the best girl ever. We sat in the yard and cuddles together. She ignored other dogs barking, but got really excited when a bunny came hopping along. She went from old lady to puppy in a second. She takes treats really gentle. She loves neck scratches and all hands on her at all time. She was just a love bug.”

You can help keep Marcy smiling by bringing her home! (She’d also do fine with a well-matched gentle and dainty dog!)

Fill out an application to foster her:
SSPA Foster Dog of the Week
Macgee has one of the cutest faces around, and some unbelievably adorable floppy ears to go with it!

He is one sweet, adorable and easy-going dude.

Netflix and chill? He's in! A nice stroll? Yes please!

Have a loving home without other dogs for this beloved senior boy? Fill out an application to adopt him today!
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