Vermont Tracking Program News & Updates
The Vermont Tracking Program has been busy improving user experience plus adding new features to the Public Health Data Explorer portal. We've designed a new query tool that's easier to use, created our first community profile, and updated report templates for better browser compatibility. And with the help of data stewards from Vermont's Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Program , Cancer Registry , Healthy Vermonters Team, and the Department of Environmental Conservation , data were added to the portal.
New Query Tool!

We are pleased to unveil our new and improved query tool. What's a query tool, you ask? It's what you use to search data topics and indicators to view the data reports. Along with an updated look and feel, searching is now easier and quicker with the new vertical design, pre-populated queries (searches) , mobile device friendly layout, and integrated informational pages to complement the data reports .
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Community Profiles

Community profiles provide a snapshot look at all the indicators
of a particular topic by county. Comparisons can be made county to county as well as to the state average. Once you access the profile report, click on one of the counties on the map to view and compare data. We've added our first community profile report: cancer . We will be adding more, so stay tuned!

Portal Updates

New data were added for air quality , drinking water (public) , childhood lead poisoning , cancer , and Healthy Vermonters 2020. Plus, updated childhood lead poisoning PDF reports are now available.

The Tracking Team also finished converting ALL reports to HTML5 for better browser compatibility when accessing and viewing the reports.

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About Vermont Tracking

Vermont is one of 25 states and one city funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a state and national tracking network of environmental and health data for the public, policy makers, researchers, and agencies. The VT Environmental Public Health Tracking portal provides these data in maps, charts, and tables as a part of the State's continuing effort to help Vermonters better understand the relationship between their environment and their health. Topics include air quality, climate change, public and private drinking water, asthma, birth defects, cancer, carbon monoxide, heart attack, childhood lead poisoning, reproductive health, blue-green algae, and radon.
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