March 2021
We love our transplant guests Dave, Alanna, Nancy, Chuck and Linda for capturing the true beauty of Restoring Hope Transplant through their heartfelt words and stories in this new video. It is extremely powerful and from the heart when guests tell our story. When it makes you emotional and fills you with such joy every time you watch it, you know it’s finally ready! Our heartfelt gratitude also to Big Dreamers United for making this beautiful video possible and for gifting it to our family of guests to enjoy.
It has always taken an entire village to make Restoring Hope possible as a non-profit. As we prepare for the future of RHTH and expansion, we need the help of our RHTH family and friends to collectively help raise the type of funding that will cover the expenses of this major project. Our mission is to always make this house available at a reasonable rate for our families in needThe generosity of major funding for construction and operations ensures that we will keep this house affordable for those who need it most while also providing the safe refuge of caring and community that our families have come to depend on and trust since we opened.
We have the unique opportunity to make that dream a reality here in our community through our mission and our plans. If you know of any individual, family, foundation, group or business that would have their hearts so touched by the stories in this video or by Restoring Hope’s mission that they would consider becoming a donor to our renovation efforts, please contact RHTH Executive Director Cindy Herbst at 608-831-1726 or via email at restoringhope@tds.netIf we can get to $150,000 more of our $1 Million goal, it would be huge for the long-term success of this house and our plans. Together, we will create one of the greatest gifts to the transplant community ever. Please help and thanks for watching!
New Transplant Clinic Coming To UW Hospital
A lot of our patients and families are truly excited and grateful for the recent donation from transplant recipient Pleasant Rowland towards a new transplant clinic that will be coming to UW Hospital. Such wonderful news for the transplant community in the state of Wisconsin and something that will greatly benefit every single guest that ever comes through our doors throughout their transplant journey! Thank you Pleasant Rowland for this great gift!
Big News For Our Caregivers At UW Hospital
There was some very significant UW Hospital news for our transplant families this month:
Starting Monday March 8th, Covid negative patients were once again allowed to enter the hospital with one caregiver! The Surgical Waiting Area was also reopened as were the cafeteria for patients and families. This is a huge development for all of our families and a very hopeful sign of improvement towards some normalcy. As we have learned throughout the years, a dedicated caregiver is so critically important to getting any patient successfully through the transplant journey!

Details and fine print here:
Cindy Speaks Virtually To Lions Clubs
Cindy was asked to speak at a Lions Club convention virtually today...and she got very emotional in thanking all of the Lions who have so graciously stepped up this past year to support our mission throughout the worst pandemic of our lifetime. There’s a very real chance Restoring Hope would not have survived the significant financial losses of Covid without the incredible compassion and generosity of these big-hearted people. Those tears were genuine and from the heart!
Live Love Donate Making A Difference
For The Transplant Community
Many thanks to our friends Amy, Holly and Lindsay from Live Love Donate for stopping by recently during their birthday week with an incredibly generous donation and a huge haul of household supplies. Love these ladies...please check out all the great work they’re doing as a transplant family!

Kidney Donor Husband and Wife: Their Incredible April Adventure
Really appreciate Mark and Lynn stopping with some treats today! You may recall Mark’s story from last year when he rode his bicycle from his home in Plover all the way to Restoring Hope Transplant House and UW Hospital to donate a kidney for a Louisiana friend in need. That ride generated funds that went to support RHTH and our mission of supporting transplant families. Here’s a recent article about Mark’s story.

So moved by the experience, Mark’s wife Lynn decided to become a kidney donor herself. She had her pre-op appointment today and is scheduled to donate a kidney herself to a completely random stranger in need. Her kidney, she understands, will be heading to a person in California. What an amazing gift!

Mark is set to begin to embark on his big bike trip from Wisconsin to his recipient friends home in Louisiana on April 24th. You can follow his journey on Facebook and his website and even ride along with him if you like!

Thank you both for being amazing!
WE ARE STILL OPEN: Restoring Hope Transplant House remains open throughout Covid under the careful guidance of our state, local and medical experts to a very limited number of well screened and responsible families in need of essential care. As always, we want to be part of the solution. If any of our former guests or new friends have essential appointments, please contact us to see if we can help during these challenging times!
This was a really wonderful session to watch live and you may now watch it at your leisure on YouTube. It's worth the hour of your time. Well done to everyone involved!

UPCOMING EVENTS - Fundraisers for RHTH
Thank you for your interest in Restoring Hope Transplant House and our transplant family friends who call it home. We appreciate you taking the time to read through our e-newsletter updates and following our progress.

If you would like to learn more about RHTH, please call me at 608-831-1726 or email me at the link below.
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