From the Producers of a Worldwide TV Phenomenon
The RVers 

FourPoints Television produces  the award-winning series The Aviators, the world's most popular aviation TV series, entering its 8th season on PBS, iTunes, Amazon, etc. with a worldwide viewership of more than 50 million in over 100 countries. As avid RVers, the time has come for us to embark on an Aviators spin-off catering to an RV audience, The RVers.

The show will take viewers along for the ride as RV-celebrity hosts provide an in-depth look at each and every aspect of the world of RVing  catering to the specific needs of the viewer, with hosts mindfully serving as facilitators serving those needs.  Stunning photography, emotive insights, strategic direction, and masterful writing and editing ensures the that The RVers will far and away be superior to  any other RV show ever produced.

A Proven Winning Formula... Repeatable

The RVers is certain to become popular among "traditional" RVers such as baby boomers and retirees, as well as contemporary and new RVers alike.  But through the massive power of broadcast television will also reach countless millions of viewers who are still just "RV-curious" - those who long to try RVing - are interested but held back somehow - think "one day" but not today - those allowing the unknown to get in the way of their happiness.

The RVers will demystify the unknown and deliver to viewers the life-changing joy of the RV lifestyle. It will strike a chord with every kind of RVer from full-timer, to weekender, to dreamer and will cover every kind of RV from the tiniest teardrops to the biggest fifth-wheels, and from the coolest camper vans to most luxurious motorhomes.

Already an Instant Success 
Things have gotten rolling rather quickly since the decision was made to proceed. We launched The RVers Facebook page  a little over a week ago and almost immediately reached over 2,000 followers. Of course we'll be aiming for the something closer to the 220,000 followers The Aviators has!

But the news we're most proud of is the signing on some of the biggest YouTube RV Stars to host the show bringing an instant audience of 550,000 RV-focussed subscribers on the strength of 142,000,000 YouTube plays!

Tech Hosts
Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy, "Technomadia"
56,000 subscribers, 8 million YouTube plays

Class B Host
Anthony Nalli, Host of " The Aviators"
73,000 subscribers, 10 million YouTube plays

Class A Hosts
Peter Knize & John Sullivan  "The RV Geeks"
129,000 subscribers, 32 million YouTube plays

Truck, Trailer, Fifth Wheel Host
"JD" "Big Truck Big RV"
129,000 subscribers, 41 million YouTube plays

Class C Host
Eric Jacobs, "Nomadic Fanatic"
162,000 subscribers, 51 million YouTube plays

FourPoints' broadcast television expertise and history of success with The Aviators combined with the instant credibility and audience base our hosts bring empower  The RVers to become  THE RV industry and lifestyle TV show!

Production and Release Details

The RVers is due to premiere on PBS in the US, Bell TV in Canada, and iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Xbox, and Vudu digitally in 2019.

In the meantime, the show's creator and producer, Anthony Nalli, will be working to promote the show throughout its production cycle and is always more than happy to take questions from media, bloggers, and prospective sponsors.

For media or sponsorship enquiries contact Anthony at 1-877-773-5988 extension 701 or via email at

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