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New Ransomware Tricks

Btech has recently become aware of a new trick scammers are using. They are attempting to blackmail people by claiming to have hacked their accounts, and their webcams, and validating their attack by showing the recipient that they have their password.  

Below is a sample of the type of emails some people have been receiving: 

Do these hackers have real info? 

In a way, yes. Scammers are using passwords and your email address that had been compromised from one of the thousands of breaches that occur each year. Unfortunately, people tend to reuse passwords for years and with many different sites. Scammers are using this to their advantage. 

What can you do to keep safe? 
The best defense is preparation. Regularly changing your passwords, creating a unique password, and utilizing a centralized password management system would be an ideal place to start. It's also important to train employees on how to identify suspicious emails, websites, and downloads.

If your data is being threatened, having a secure backup solution is the first step to protection. In many ransomware cases, there's no guarantee the scammer will release your data if demands are met.  No one can hold your data hostage if you've got a reliable backup solution.  

This is another reminder that excellent IT security is a must for your credit union. 

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How Secure Are Your Vendors? 

Have you ever thought to yourself, "how secure are my vendors?"

You rely on many vendors to provide a long list of services to your credit union and your members. These vendors are critical to your operations. But, are they secure? 

Btech is proud of the fact that we are SSAE-16 certified. (SOC2 Type II). We also make it easy to work with us by providing a complete vendor due-diligence package to all of our service agreement clients. 


"Since 2007, Santa Ana Federal Credit Union has trusted Btech for our network environment upgrades and their reliable managed security services. Btech has proven itself a rapid responder to our needs time and again; considering we have no in-house IT for day to day activities, it is clear how important their response times are to our operations. In order to keep up with changes in technology, we have implemented Btech's Mobile Device Management service in order to protect our members' personal information, as well as meet regulatory guidelines. We would recommend Btech to any credit union looking for assistance with their network security and operational needs".
John Hendrix
Santa Ana Federal Credit Union

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