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June 2016, issue # 48
 1.400 Tonnes of Soya Unloaded in Just One Hour

On a barge anchored in the middle of the roaring waters of the Amazon River, a crane manufactured by Belgium's E-Crane is hard at work loading and unloading grain and soya beans.
All around the world, from the bitter cold of the Polar Circle, to the stifling heat of the Amazon River, hydraulic cranes manufactured by E-Crane are at work to handle scrap iron, move grain, unload coal or dig up mud from the ocean floor.
Such work often involves heavy loads and demanding, around-the-clock conditions.

 When E-Crane Texas is talking maintenance they really go 'ALL-IN'!

Another good example of E-Crane and client partnership

Contrary to what the title suggests, having a service contract like the one E-Crane Texas has with Sherwin Alumina certainly isn't like playing poker as no chances have to be taken.

It all depends on the flexibility of the organization, careful planning and coordination with the client as well as having a good inventory of spare parts and tools to allow for all eventualities.

In a mission critical application like the one at Sherwin Alumina, keeping downtime to a minimum is an absolute must. Handymax and Panamax vessels are unloaded on a regular basis at the port belonging to the aluminum oxide production facility in Gregory, Texas.

As an example: in 2015 alone, a total of 58 large ocean going ships with bauxite were received at the port, all unloaded using E-Cranes. One can imagine the cost associated with vessels which are stuck at the port because they cannot be unloaded due to the unloading cranes being down, also keeping in mind that the next vessel is only days away from arriving...
 Successful Training Week in Texas
From left to right: Mr. Germán Bertolo (Ingeber), Mr. Alejandro Garcia (Simehsa), Mr. Steve Osborne (E-Crane), Mr. Jerry Hoffman (E-Crane).
Last week, E-Crane USA hosted a hands-on training program at the Texas Service Center facility in Rockport, Texas.
The week long program was held for E-Crane representatives to learn more about E-Crane equipment, and was attended by Mr. Germán Bertolo, Mr. Alejandro Garcia, and Mr. Jerry Hoffman.

The training program consisted of both classroom and hands-on training, utilizing local E-Cranes in the area which are serviced by the Texas Service Center. The program included maintenance training, as well as advanced hydraulic and electrical training for troubleshooting purposes.
 Picture of the Month

Recently, E-Crane technicians were supporting our products on a floating transfer station in the Indian Ocean.
"Working at E-Crane brings something new everyday and even stormy weather cannot keep us from providing services to our customers worldwide."
Bart De Vrieze - E-Crane Engineer


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 A Warm Welcome to our New Colleague

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