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What's New from PTOLEMUS
We've been busy this last month with lots to share. From our new Norway Vehicle Electrification Study to our Regional Studies on ETC and Connected Insurance, a few events we will be speaking at and some fresh insights from the PTOLEMUS team.
The 120-page study analyses the strategies, challenges, successes and failures of the Norwegian vehicle electrification example.

As some are talking about trillion dollar plans to decarbonise their economy, we believe this report will save time and money for many.
Latest Insights from PTOLEMUS
As the urge to decrease our CO2 emissions becomes stronger and stronger globally, sustainability has become a priority for any company in the world, including auto insurance companies...
In this article we review some of the key factors that drive fleets to adopt telematics services, the areas which will increase in popularity over the coming decade, and some of the key factors that could stymie growth.

All New Regional Studies
Since the publication of the 2nd edition of our Electronic Tolling Global Study in 2018, the electronic tolling landscape has evolved significantly in every region of the world.

After the success of our 2021 Electronic Tolling Global Study we have decided to create regional reports for those interested specifically in one geographical area of ETC.

To download a free abstract of any of these reports, find the link below.

Since 2017, the growth of connected car insurance programmes has been outpacing insurance based on aftermarket devices. This dynamic market requires deep analysis to fully understand and that is exactly why we created our Connected Auto Insurance Global Study.

Now we have split the report into in-depth studies of each region to provide a more focused analysis for those interested in a particular market.

To download a free abstract of any of these reports, find the link below.

Meet Us at the Following Events
Kuala Lumpur | October 11-13

This 4th IRF Asia-Pacific Regional Congress will address the specific needs of the region by bringing together industry leaders, experts and decision-makers. The region has a rapidly expanding road infrastructure and the resources to invest in the new and improved technology.

PTOLEMUS' Frederic Bruneteau will be speaking at the event
Washington DC | Oct. 31 - Nov. 3

The IRF Global R2T Conference has quickly established itself as a top destination for global innovators and decision makers in the roads and mobility sector.

PTOLEMUS' Ashton Williams will be speaking at the event.