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Deanna Munizza, Senior Manager, Agent & Business Services

New Regulations for Entry into California - Spotted Lantern Fly
Since first brought to light in 2021, there has been a steady increase in the infestation of the Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF). Commonly found on HHG items such as plants (live or dead), outdoor furniture/equipment, lumber, pallets and cardboard boxes, the SLF is currently localized to several U.S states to the East and Southeast. Click HERE for map of the infested areas, updated as of 6 June, 2023.

The state of California has imposed new regulations to gain entry for a person(s) traveling from any of the infested areas into CA. For Military Domestic HHG moves that are loading out of the infested areas and are destined for CA, our agent family must be aware of the necessary requirements to ensure a timely delivery.

  • The California Code of Regulations (CCR) has released a mandatory checklist guide, to be completed by the hauler, at the origin pickup location(s). It includes pictorial examples of the SLF and a list of all items that requiring inspection at the time of packing/loading. Click HERE for a printable copy of the checklist.
  • Upon inspection and completion of the checklist, the driver will sign and date the document, and keep it inside of the vehicle being used to transport the HHG.

For more detailed specifics regarding the Spotted Lantern Fly infestation and quarantine rules, you can visit the CCR website at A direct link to the pertinent information can also be found HERE.

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