"An immensely valuable work for anyone wanting to understand the mindset of extremism and the possibility of rehabilitation."  - CBS News
A former member of a far right-wing movement explores the price of breaking with her extremist past 
EXIT is a personal and urgent look at the ways people legitimize hatred and the threats they face when they attempt to leave their radicalized worlds behind. Paralleling her own past as part of a violent right-wing organization with the experiences of other former extremists, filmmaker Karen Winther explores what makes someone join neo-Nazis, Jihadists or other hate groups, and what makes them decide to leave. 

Winther introduces us to Angela from the US and Ingo and Manuel from Germany, all ex-right-wing extremists who made the leap to abandon their movement and now must live isolated lives in hiding. In Denmark, we witness the other side of the spectrum when former violent left-wing extremist Søren shares the story of his life. Winther also travels to France to meet a French former jihadist. Through these intimate conversations, Winther examines how and why some radicalized people, when confronted with the realization that everything they once firmly believed is wrong, gather the courage to embark on extraordinary journeys to turn their lives around.
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WINNER! Dok Leipzig 2018 Goethe Institut Documentary Film Prize,
Young Eyes Film Award and the Gedanken-Aufschluss Prize

ONE OF NINE MUST-SEE FILMS AT DOC NYC  "EXIT includes that rarely seen perspective of women in a world and movement we largely associate with angry men. A sober look at an urgent and relevant topic, finding parallels between what is happening in Europe and U.S."INDIEWIRE

"One of the 15 essential documentaries of 2018" - METRO
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