It's finally here!!!

The new book is now available in Printed
and Digital versions.

This book is unique in that there is no other like it available.

This book contains 200+ pages of never before published information detailing how to retrace a highway, road, easement or other controlling centerline. 

This book includes a new analysis method titled " Crume's Transformation" that was developed by the author based upon 25+ years of experience of performing highway centerline retracements.

Details are shown for integrating CADD, COGO, Google Earth, KMZ files to display survey information and setting up spreadsheet programs to perform the analysis.

The trick to using Linear Regression for tangent line analysis and curve fitting is explained.

Degrees and GONS are both covered in this book.

There are many books to choose from. Each book builds on the last book starting with Book 1 "Bearings and Azimuths"

  These Apps and Books are Awesome and Unique....    
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