Core Principles for TANF Modernization
A Cornerstone Policy Brief
The American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) is proud to share the latest installment of our Cornerstone for Resilient Communities and a Revitalized Economy policy brief series. Core Principles for TANF Modernization highlights how we can build common ground on what families need to thrive and how TANF can align with other key building blocks to achieve the outcomes we desire. It also addresses the limitations in current TANF policyparticularly in redressing long-standing structural inequitiesso that we can be bold about embracing change that allows us to reach what we know works.
With a resolute focus on advancing race equity, building on the assets of families and communities, leveraging the many advancements in the field, and our members’ long-standing experience administering these services on the ground, we can advance a recalibrated human services system that provides modern TANF programs to support child and family well-being for generations to come.
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