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With more than 6000 views since its release on Oct. 2, the new documentary "Going Home Like a Shooting Star" includes extensive use of Bowman family photos, FSPA archival material, and footage of Thea from varied public appearances, including her famous interview with Mike Wallace on CBS’ 60 Minutes. The film makes a strong connection between Thea’s Gospel call for justice, love and unity and the current effort of Black Lives Matter activists and efforts to combat systemic racism. Many in the film credit Thea’s voice as an influence on their ongoing efforts to achieve social and racial justice. Here's what viewers have to say:

"Watched it alone, then shared with a friend. Cried alone, then cried with my friend. A wonderful documentary! Sister Thea, we miss you so..."
- FSPA Facebook page comment

"So beautiful and so inspiring." - FSPA Facebook page comment

"I am moved to tears in awe and gratitude." - FSPA Instagram page comment

"Beautiful documentary on a faithful wonderful life. I have never forgotten meeting her in late 1989 at her childhood home."
- FSPA Facebook page comment

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"Going Home Like a Shooting Start, Thea Bowman's Journey to Sainthood"

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