Bongo Boy Records Summer Compilation Release
ASIA 6.21.16 | WORLDWIDE 7.4.16
Bongo Boy Beach includes 11 Summer Escape Songs by 10 International recording artists. This compilation is a part of Bongo Boy's Compilation series on Bongo Boy Records with Worldwide Digital Distribution and Promotions. 
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1.       Great Escape - Mark Baxter 3:42

2.       Follow Your Bliss - A Year From Monday 4:08

3.       Dancing On The Sun - EsQuille Feat. Bruno Alexander 3:26

4.       Come On Baby (Come On Over) - The Pete V Project Feat. Reece Bahia 2:58

5.       Run Me All Around - B. I. S. 2:58

6.       You Make Me Feel Good - Pamela Davis 3:19

7.       Boys Like You - Sara James  4:39

8.       Deep Blue Sea - Mia Moravis 3:03

9.       U Sud - Massimiliano 3:16

10.    Fourth Of July - Pure Dynamite 3:51

11.    Googly Goo - hooyoosay 3:09 


ASIA RELEASE: 6.21.16 | WORLDWIDE: 7.4.16 | UPC 686751362002 | ISRC: USPXQ
Contact Phone: 908-455-1576 Email:   Official Website
Mark Baxter - "Great Escape"  Songwriter - Gar Francis & Mark Baxter
From Boston, Mass. Mark Baxter brings us the leading track on Bongo Boy Beach with  "Great Escape" written by Mark Baxter and Gar Francis. Their song is making its debut in the digital age.  The featured guitar work is a well recognized sound by guitarist Gar Francis. Together with Mark's playful vocals; the song invites you on their journey of escape your day to day live. What a great start of Bongo Boy Beach.

A Year From Monday - "Follow Your Bliss"
From Reno, Nevada, A Year From Monday is mainstream alternative music that both excites and inspires you.  "Follow Your Bliss" is a song with great lyrics and blended harmonies. With lyrics like " Follow your bliss and your soul drinks happiness" and "Strike a new direction and make happiness number one " it will give you a good taste what this song is all about.   

EsQuille ft. Bruno Alexander - "Dancing On The Sun"

From Stockholm, Sweden comes  EsQuille and his genuine sound and honest approach, which results in him being loved all around the world with his melodic, and, oh so danceable releases. EsQuille is a true multi genre composer with a real buzz and passion for his work.
"Dancing On The Sun" is a great dance song with a strong beat making it a great summer dance track. 

The Pete V Project ft. Reece Bahia - "Come On Baby (Come On Over)"
From The United Kingdom - 'Come On Baby (Come On Over)' by The Pete V Project has been written and produced by Marie.  This first released track for the Pete V Project, features Reece Bahia whose tone and style blends and compliments the summer vibe of 'Come On Baby (Come On Over)'.
Reece Bahia is a passionate breakthrough artist and a strong vocal performer with a smooth tone and positive vibe.  Reece has featured on Simon Cowell's "The You Generation" promo ad in which he received praise from the music mogul.  Similarly Reece was on BBC's The Voice UK and received amazing comments from all 4 coaches including "You don't need this show, you will make it"- Will I Am, and "Have you got a fan club, if so can I join it"- Kylie Minogue. 

B. I. S. - "Run Me All Around"
Before Mia Moravis and Nancy Catedral formed Rage Of Angels with three other female musicians, there was just the two of them, recording together as  B. I. S. "RUN ME ALL AROUND" is the second song ever recorded by the duo, both of whom love the festive, Carnival sound of steel drums. Incorporating that undeniably sunny instrumentation with lyrics about a woman's sweet revenge on a lothario, this song eases us into the passions of summer!
Pamela Davis - "You Make Me Feel Good" 
From Sunny Florida, Pamela Davis a recording artist and music teacher bring here summer song "You Make Me Feel Good". Pamela has released successfully several CD albums and is a well established artist which records all of her own instrumentation. Pamela is quite versatile a number of instruments, completed all of the arrangements and songwriting on this song.  
Sara James  
"Boys Like You"  
From New Jersey USA,  Sara James  is a talented young singer/songwriter. The song "Boys Like You" was recorded and mixed by Jonn Savannah , a professional musician since 1978, whom has worked live and in the studio with Van Morrison, Tina Turner, Procol Harum and Squeeze. Together with Sara wonderful vocals, they created, with the foundation of the famous Bo Diddley Beat , a powerful Pop Rock song with great lyrics. 
Mia Moravis  
"Deep Blue Sea" 
From Keene, New Hampshire.  Turning sadness into laughter, Mia Moravis took emotional lemons and turned them into happy lemonade with Linda Wiley Carter 's lyrics, written on a napkin after Mia spoke of her broken heart. "Everyone who's heard DEEP BLUE SEA laughs gleefully with it. "I recorded it for the pure joy of simply wanting to, and am so glad this song makes people smile!" 
Massimiliano - "U Sud" 
From Italy  Massimiliano PaternĂ² is a multi talented recording artist from Bologna, Italy. His song "U Sud" is released in Italian and tells us the story of the wish of hope and dreams of the colors and smells of how the country was; the seagulls and the smell of the sea. Centered around the coastal town Capo Colonna the cape of Calabria located near Crotone , Italy.  
Pure Dynamite - "Fourth Of July" 

From the New York Metropolitan area recording artist
Pure Dynamite brings an exclusive EDM track that is inspired by the largest annual holiday celebration in The United States " Fourth of July" . With Pure Dynamite and his Hip Hop style we have here a great dance mix with adult lyrics, resulting in a summer dance song for 2016. 
hooyoosay - "Googly Goo" 
From Europe hooyoosay is a music recording project that has a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators.  Developed into an organized project, this initial coincidence was maintained as a principle: no credits, no live gigs.  H ooyoosay became this peculiar music recording project, having a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators, inevitably displaying a wide diversity in taste and in styles with each release.   "Google Goo" is a one of such projects.  The whole song is actually based upon and built around the kid's (sampled) voice, and if you like to follow the lyrics sheet, it all matches. Listen.. it's fun and catchy. 

Bongo Boy Beach 
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