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Last year women ran for office in the midterms in historic numbers, and women now comprise 24% of seats in congress, making it the most gender-inclusive in U.S. history.  As the momentum continues and a record number of Democratic women are seeking the presidency, it's clear that while the challenges for women in politics remain as strong as ever, the country might also be ready to embrace change. 

As Women's History Month begins, we invite you to explore the films below that highlight the inspiring achievements of pioneering women in politics and grassroots activism, as well as the determined women who continue to fight for progress and pave the way for future leaders. These films are powerful tools for inspiring action, and we encourage you to use them in your classrooms or organize screening events on campus or in your community. Browse the selection and see our special offer below. 
Before AOC was making headlines, Carmen Castillo was breaking ground in Rhode Island in her first term on city council
Immigrant. Hotel Housekeeper. City Councilwoman.  Our newest release COUNCILWOMAN is the inspiring story of Carmen Castillo, an immigrant Dominican housekeeper in a Providence hotel who wins a seat in City Council, taking her advocacy for low-income workers from the margins to city politics. The film follows Castillo's first term as she balances her full-time day job as a housekeeper with her family life and the demands of public office. She faces skeptics who say she doesn't have the education to govern, the power of corporate interests who take a stand against her fight for a $15 hourly wage, and a tough re-election against two contenders. As Castillo battles personal setbacks and deep-rooted notions of who is qualified to run for political office, she fiercely defends her vision of a society in which all people can earn enough to support themselves and their families. An eye-opening look at entrenched power in American democracy, COUNCILWOMAN is essential viewing for Latinx, Immigrant, Political Science and Labor Studies courses.
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The First Black Woman Elected to Congress
The War on Women's Reproductive Health
Moms-Turned-Advocates Fighting to Protect Their Families
The  Mississippi Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s
Story of the First Woman of Color in U.S. Congress

Profile of the Renowned Organizer and Activist

The Vital Role that Women Have Played in the Fight Against AIDS

Comanche Activist and
Civil Rights Leader

History of the Title IX Legislation

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