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Religious Studies & Philosophy
August 2019
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Animals, Ethics and Us
A Veterinary’s View of Human-Animal Interactions
By  Madeleine Campbell
Everyone has a view about animal ethics but very few of us stop to wonder about the basis of our views, or to rationalize them. Drawing on her experience as a veterinarian, a researcher, and more, the author takes ethical argument beyond academia and applies it to the question which currently dominates societal debate about human-animal interactions: what (if anything) is a reasonable use of an animal?
ISBN 9781789180497
5M Publishing
Doing Theology as if People Mattered
Encounters in Contextual Theology
By  Eduardo Fernández and   Deborah Ross
This collection narrates the story of contextual theology at JST: how the School came to select this theological method and how it guides the vision and mission of the School; how contextual theology shapes pedagogy and work in the classroom; how contextual theology and education flourish in ministerial praxis in the local intercultural San Francisco Bay Area; and more.
ISBN 9780824599959 | Cloth
ISBN 9780824599966 | Paper
Herder & Herder/The Crossroad Publishing Company
The Wall and the Arcade
Walter Benjamin’s Metaphysics of Translation and its Affiliates
By  Shimon Sanbank
The book centers on Walter Benjamin's revolutionary essay 'The Translator's Task' (1923) which subverts some widespread assumptions concerning translation: that it serves for communication, that it transfers meaning, that it must not distort the translator's own language, and that it is inferior to the original. Benjamin overturns these assumptions by replacing the concept of translation as a merely linguistic operation with a metaphysical—or theological—concept of the same, derived from Jewish Kabbala and French Symbolisme.
ISBN 9781845199951
Sussex Academic Press
Al-Ghazali on Poverty and Abstinence

ISBN 9781903682814
Islamic Texts Society
Psychoanalysis of Technoscience
Symbolisation and Imagination

ISBN 9783643910509
LIT Verlag
Social inequality and interreligious learning
An empirical analysis of students' agency to cope with interreligious learning tasks

ISBN 9783643910646
LIT Verlag
Social Vision
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Transformative Paradigm for the World

ISBN 9780824550387
Herder & Herder/The Crossroad Publishing Company
The Vanishing Path
How to Be While There Is Still Time

ISBN 9781891785962
Fons Vitae
Vrindavan's Encounter with Modernity
Changing Environment and Life-worlds in an Indian Temple Town

ISBN 9783643910790
LIT Verlag
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