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Scan & Sort Goods Quickly and Accurately at Your E-Commerce Operation
Global ecommerce retail sales continue to rise exponentially, and fulfillment centers must work with more and more suppliers. Packages shipped in from suppliers may have poorly printed or plastic-wrapped labels, scratched barcodes, or overpacked boxes which can contribute to errors and costly inefficiencies. The operation needs the tools in place to get the right product to the right customer at the right location as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. Fortunately, Cognex barcode readers offer solutions:
  • Prevent or correct label and shipping errors
  • Drive up efficiency & throughput
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Read smudged, damaged, or distorted codes
  • Read codes at extreme angles, even past 85 degrees
  • Read codes with variations in appearance
  • Improve depth-of-field and field-of-view coverage for omnidirectional code reading
  • Provide real-time performance feedback
Automate Your CNC Machine with Lean Robotics
What is Robotiq eLearning?
Automate Your CNC Machine Using Lean Robotics
Robotiq eLearning is the only online platform on collaborative robots that integrates Lean Robotics concepts and real application content. The program accelerates cell design with extensive courses, offers support in the integration phase and gives relevant information on Robotiq products to start production faster.
eLearning also explains how to use the Lean Robotics methodology to deploy a collaborative robot in front of a CNC machine. You'll learn how to install all the hardware you need, how to use components of a typical CNC machine tending cell, and learn about the programming aspects of the robot.
Introducing New Remote I/O for the
Industrial Internet of Things
Just announced: a new family of intelligent, standalone, Ethernet-based, PoE-powered, remote I/O units for IIoT and automation applications. The first unit in the groov RIO family provides 8 multi-signal, multifunction, software-configurable channels and 2 Form C relays, supporting over 52,000 unique signal combinations: analog or discrete, input or output. 
RIO lets you connect traditional wired switches and sensors directly to Ethernet networks, software applications, and cloud platforms without the need for intermediate hardware such as PLCs, PACs, PCs, or gateways to propagate I/O signals to other systems. A driving reason behind Opto 22’s development of groov RIO was to help users be able to get data from the real world—such as a pump on/off status or thermocouple readings—into a database, application, or other system.
New Conveyors Can Be Configured to Meet the Needs of Almost Any Application
New QC Conveyors Flextrac series conveyors demonstrate flexibility with sturdy, modular conveyors capable of inclines, declines, straight sections and curves. They can be configured to meet the needs of almost any application, including gripper elevators and alpine conveyors. Thanks to their modular design, they can also be reconfigured as your plant changes and grows.
Expand the Capabilities of Your Cobot
Ewellix offers a range of linear motion axes - vertical and horizontal – to easily expand the capabilities of a cobot. Additional linear axes can significantly enhance the cobot’s radius of action up to 5 times, by re-positioning the base of the robot during its working cycle. They are perfect for palletizing and handling applications. Both the vertical and horizontal options are complete plug & play solutions, and are UR+ certified.
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