March 17, 2020
LPIC Releases New Report on How Lack of Child Care Assistance Impacts Louisiana's Working Families

The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children released a new report, Balancing Act: The Financial Challenges of Child Care Facing Louisiana’s Working Families, which details how child care assistance, or lack thereof, impacts Louisiana’s working parents.
The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, conducted a survey of families on the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) waiting list in September 2019. The survey asked families about the impact that not receiving child care assistance has had on parent employment, education, or job training; affordability, availability, reliability, and quality of the child care they are accessing; stress related to finding child care; and household budget and living expenses

Results from the survey show the significant challenges facing working families who must balance the care and education of their children with their other basic needs.
Earlier today, the Louisiana Policy Institute for Children hosted a virtual press conference with our partners from The Louisiana Department of Education, One Acadiana, the United Way of Acadiana, and the Louisiana Association of United Ways to share key findings from the report and conduct a virtual Q&A. To view a recording of the press conference, click here.
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