Tanya Febrillet is a single mother of two teenage children who had been receiving housing assistance. Tanya's dream was to own her own home but she believed that this was not, in her words, "for families like mine."

In 2010, Tanya enrolled in a Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program. Over five years she paid down her debt, increased her annual income by nearly $8,000, improved her credit score by more than 140 points and built over $3,000 in savings. It was enough to achieve her dream of becoming a homeowner - the first in her family to ever do so.
How was Tanya able to do this?  Families on Section 8 rental assistance pay a percentage of their income on rent. As their income grows as a result of employment, so does the rent payment. FSS allows households to save that money in an escrow account,  essentially converting monthly rent into a monthly savings deposit, so families like Tanya's can work towards long-term financial goals like home ownership or college.
POAH and  COMPASS are pleased to share results from FSS pilot programs in Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the new report, Promoting Economic Mobility in Multifamily Housing: Initial Outcomes from Family Self Sufficiency Programs.