May 9, 2018
Public Programs Cut Poverty by About Half and Child Poverty by More than Half in MA
According to our new report: 
Obstacles on the Road to Opportunity:
Finding A Way Forward 
The report - commissioned by MASSCAP and written by MassBudget -  emphasizes that the future of Massachusetts depends on the success of our children.  Our 1.4 million children will thrive when:
  • They are healthy
  • They receive a great education
  • Parents and caretakers have well-paying jobs
  • They live in flourishing communities
The big obstacles on the road to opportunity include:
  • Structural Challenges such as low and stagnant wages 
  • Under-resourced communities
  • Threats to programs that work
Effective state and federal policies can help stabilize communities and remove obstacles to opportunity.  Public programs that provide support to low-income families in difficult times have been proven to cut poverty.

We are faced with challenging times that include possible deep cuts to federal funding of programs benefiting those our low-income families.  

We must understand poverty in MA.  
We must find a way forward together.
We must continue the conversation.

UP NEXT in our series of breakfast forums

Lawrence: June 5, 8:30 a.m.
Everett Mills, 15 Union St.

Quincy: June 12, 8:30 a.m.
Quincy Chamber of Commerce, 180 Old Colony Avenue

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This report was written by MassBudget and made possible by The Boston Foundation, Cambridge Community Foundation, Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Eastern Bank, Essex County Community Foundation, Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Greater Lowell Community Foundation, United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley, United Way of Pioneer Valley and Worcester Community Action Council.
Our Mission and Vision

To strengthen and connect the statewide network of Community Action Agencies and collectively advocate for an end to poverty.

All MA residents will be able to meet their basic needs, access economic opportunities, build strong communities and move toward prosperity...
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