July 28, 2020
COVID-19 Update
God is in his holy place, God who unites those who dwell in his house; he himself gives might and strength to his people.

Psalm 68:6-7, 36
Dear Friends in Christ,

Don’t miss the important new requirements and clarifications today! Check the headings below.

Archbishop Sample

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Portland Protests
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NEW: How Many Worshipers can Gather at Church?
Phase 1 counties are now allowed to accommodate up to 50 persons total indoors for Mass. Outdoor church gatherings in Phase 1 can also have up to 50 people. Phase 2 counties must scale back to allow 100 persons indoors at each Mass. Outdoor church gatherings in Phase 2 can have up to 250 people. (Note: Outdoor Masses are still not envisioned).
NEW: Face Covering Requirements
Face coverings are legally required at indoor gatherings, including in churches, per statewide directive. All who are 5 years and up must wear face coverings in church in Phases 1 and 2 of reopening. Those are excepted who perform activity that makes wearing a mask “not feasible,” like the presider (throughout Mass) and the lectors/cantors (while reading/singing). Exceptions are also made for people with disabilities or diagnosed medical conditions that preclude them from wearing masks. In these few cases, special seating accommodations should be made so those unable to wear masks have seating in a cry room or choir loft away from the rest gathered. Children 2 and under should not wear masks. Wearing a face covering at church is not optional. Churchgoers cannot be allowed entrance without a mask. The pastor and door monitor must strictly enforce this requirement. By archdiocesan requirement, masks must still be used by ministers when distributing Holy Communion. Cantors must remain at least 6 feet away from the nearest person when singing. A presider  may  wear a mask throughout Mass.

NOTE: There has been some confusion over an OHA faith-liaison committee email which treated face covering requirements. The current mask policy for the Archdiocese of Portland (see above) remains in place. The law still allows exception for those engaged in activities where wearing a mask is “not feasible.” If there are any changes to the policy, we will let you know through this mailing.
NEW: Are Sign-Ups for Mass Still Required?
Mass sign-ups with names and contact phone or email are still required for each churchgoer. In the case of smaller parishes or parishes with less demand for seating, a pastor may allow people to simply show-up for Mass and sign-up immediately prior to entry. In this case, under NO circumstances can the number accommodated in the church exceed the legal requirements. Once the maximum number of attendees is reached, the door monitor or hospitality minister MUST turn away the remaining faithful. The names and contact information of churchgoers must be kept for 60 days.
Can Satellite Sites Still Be Used?
Yes, satellite sites can still be used. The previously released guidelines apply while using the new numbers: 50 for Phase 1 and 100 for Phase 2. Refer to the May 27 Use of Satellite Sites for Mass  MEMO . Those 5 years and up must wear masks.
One-Time Use Worship Aids Available
To assist parishes, the Office of Divine Worship will be preparing and providing readymade one-time use worship aids for Sundays and Solemnities. See  MEMO  with more information. The worship aids will be available on the Divine Worship webpage  HERE .

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In Christ,

Todd Cooper
COVID-19 Pastoral Center Response, Core Team Chair

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See memo with important update  HERE .

August 15, 2020
Solemnity of the Assumption – ODW MEMO .

August 31, 2020
Financial Reports Due by Aug. 31. Use this  Report Template to submit your data. Questions? spoehler@archdpdx.org  or 503-233-8311.

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