Friday, May 15, 2020
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IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM C.A.R. - Meeting the New Requirement for Rules of Entry at a Listed Property & Form to Meet Requirement On May 8, the Department of the Public Health issued its “Industry Guidance: Real Estate Transactions,” which among other things, requires agents to post rules on the property – with pictograms -- that must be agreed to as a condition of entry by all people viewing the property. C.A.R. is in the process of creating a comprehensive approach that will allow any brokerage to comply with all aspects of the new Industry Guidance. 

As an interim measure, C.A.R. is making this “Interim Rules Form” available. Posting both this form and the PEAD form together at the entrance to a property, will assist agents and brokers in complying in part with the new Industry Guidance until our comprehensive approach is released.   Click Here
fto access our latest website news and the Post of the Pictogram Rules.

INTERESTED IN SERVING ON OUR ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP - I must say this is a fascinating time and you can make a difference in our organization. Click Here to access the leadership application form.

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Diane Spooner, 2020 President
Nevada County Association of REALTORS

P.S. Remember to remind your clients of this upcoming free service to prepare our properties for the fire season..
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