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NEW Research Reveals Growth in
Whole Grain Products
If it seems like there are more whole grain options available in the grocery store aisles today than ever before, that’s because it’s true! New research published this month in Nutrients demonstrates just how much progress there has been in making whole grain options more accessible in both U.S. and Latin American markets.
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Join Us for a Webinar on Wednesday, 4/6 at 2 PM ET
This session will highlight insights from the newly-published study of Whole Grain Stamped products and whole grain trends in both the U.S. and Latin America. Attendees will also learn about which product attributes are important to shoppers as well as the regulatory differences in whole grain labeling across a few key international markets.
Join Us on a Local Grains Culinary Tour of Vermont (July 15-17)
See and taste Vermont as you never have before. Join us for behind-the-scenes access to a world class brewery and cheese producer, and meet the passionate grain growers, millers and bakers powering the grain revival in this beautiful area of the northeast.
Download Resources for the Upcoming Whole Day for Whole Grain (3/30)
Whole Day for Whole Grain is right around the corner. Check out our website for resources to help you plan your event, and learn about all of the ways you and your community can celebrate.
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