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Reading Time vs. Screen Time For Young Children
The impact of reading on brain development is a topic that has been researched for decades. Now that smartphones and tablets are more likely to be placed in the hands of a young child than a book, research has also been taking a look at the impact of screen time on developing brains. 

The result has been a flurry of sometimes contradictory research. On the one hand, high quality programming can potentially be beneficial for children preschool age and older. On the other hand, low quality programming or too much programming can negatively affect children of any age. 
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Helping Your Child Learn to Self-Advocate
NeuroBehavioral Associates

When you find that your child has a learning difference, advocacy becomes even more important. As your child grows, it becomes equally important to teach self-advocacy.

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Sleep Problems in Autism, Explained
Spectrum News

Experts urge early identification and referral for treatment, even if a formal diagnosis has not been confirmed.

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Why Are Some Children With ASD Overlooked In Studies About Autism
NeuroBehavioral Associates

Our understanding of autism has changed greatly in recent years. Instead of being a singular disorder, autism is now understood to be a spectrum condition with symptoms that vary from person to person.

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Screens in the Classroom: Tool or Temptation?
New York Times

Smartphones have long been maligned as distractions in classrooms, but when used strategically, many educators find them useful.

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