December 2020

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New Publications
Resilience 3.0: Multi-Level Approaches are Essential
[in Worksite Health International (Winter, 2020; Vol. 11, No., 3)]
This article summarizes 14 catalysts to move your resilience initiative to a more thoughtful and systemic approach.

Toward Evidence-Based Cultures of Resilience: Authentic Leadership & Mental Health
[in Proceedings from HEROForum20; A Virtual Conference September 2020] 
This article, based on a conference panel with four of OWLS clients, highlights how these clients shepherded a resilience initiative in their own setting.

DOWNLOAD HERE (see pages 24-31)
New Chapter
Building Prevention For The Workplace: An Integral And Process-Oriented Approach

Joel B. Bennett, Brittany D. Linde, G. Shawn Reynolds and Wayne E. K. Lehman
This chapter describes an integral and process-oriented framework that guided the authors’ work in building and disseminating a substance misuse prevention strategy for the workplace.

The chapter describes the origins of TEAM AWARENESS for mental health promotion and substance abuse prevention, and the methodological and theoretical recipe that led to the success of program dissemination.

[in Designing Evidence-Based Public Health and Prevention Programs: Expert Program Developers Explain the Science and Art Edited By Mark E. Feinberg]


Annual Networking / Social Meeting
and VIRTUAL “Gold Elephant Book Exchange” 
This is great opportunity to learn what "the best books" are for organizational development and wellness and you can suggest your own!


Meeting Goals:
–  Connect:  get to know each other better – personally & professionally
–  Learn:  share knowledge informally during book exchange and a NEW game!
–  Enjoy:  fellowship + books + virtual party game

This will be our 10th Annual Holiday Event — but this year it is virtual. We can’t bring physical gift wrapped books this year. 

Jim will keep your book ‘under wraps’ and will only reveal your book at the meeting (in a new way)!

In addition to the book exchange we will also play a new social game loosely based on John Holland’s classic career exercise called “The Party”.   

We will use a new feature of Zoom that allows everyone to move freely among breakout rooms to explore different topics and interact directly with people who share similar interests!

With these two new activities I hope we can all find some new inspiration, fellowship, and perhaps some ‘golden nuggets’ in these challenging times.