Hispanic Family E-Update
March 2, 2016
The Center is welcoming March in with a roar, as we bring you several new resources to help those researching the early care and education of Hispanic children. Read on about these resources and more! 

In this edition we present: 
  • A new brief series and two interactive tools that promote the strategic use of data around Latinos’ early care and education access and utilization: Using Existing Large-Scale Data to Study Early Care and Education among Hispanics";
  • An infographic that tells the story of the 11.1 million Hispanic children in need across the U.S. and their household circumstances; 

  • Materials from our recent Income Instability Data Training Webinar, including the recording and a tip sheet; and

  • Highlights from the field that are relevant to the research on low-income Hispanic children and families.
Maximizing National Data Sets for Early Ed Researchers

Our new brief series, “Using Existing Large-Scale Data to Study Early Care and Education (ECE) among Hispanics,” analyzes national data sets for those researching the ECE access and utilization of low-income Hispanic families.

Together with two new interactive data tools, these resources promote the informed and strategic use of data for building the knowledge base around Latinos’ ECE access and utilization. Researchers can access an inventory and critical assessment of available measures across a range of data sets, and can use them to select the most appropriate studies, samples, and variables; better understand the data’s strengths and challenges; and identify potential new research questions that could be answered. Read more about these resources, access the four briefs in the series, and check out the new tools.

Infographic Tells Story of Hispanic Children in Need

Last week, we released a brief that took a closer look at the 62 percent of Hispanic children living in or near poverty in the U.S. Our new infographic presents the brief's takeaways in an accessible graphic format. Please share it on social media to shine a light on the more than 11 million Hispanic children in need across the country. 

Capturing the Dynamics of Hispanic Income

This training, which took place on February 2, 2016, capitalized upon our recent briefs exploring Hispanic families' poverty and income instability and examined how to best capture the dynamics of income among Latino families. It included an interactive discussion among three prominent researchers in the field. Access the recording, slides, and a tip sheet that includes Q&A.

Highlights from the Field
Preschool Access for Low-Income Immigrant Families in Silicon Valley
The Urban Institute recently completed a set of studies that yield important insights on preschool access for immigrant populations, both for Silicon Valley and other parts of the country experiencing demographic change . Access a range of resources from the studies.
Coordinating CCDF and TANF
A new information memorandum from the Administration for Children & Families focuses on how the 2014 Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) reauthorization provides states with new alignment opportunities for the CCDF and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs. 
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