Hi Jaime

I posted a new interview I did late yesterday re: marketing that has some really good nuggets...

"Restaurant Marketing Messaging Right Now with COVID-19"

Also posted three FREE OFFERS from companies offering to help restaurants with products and services - be sure to check these out...

- Targetable - digital marketing & advertising - https://www.runningrestaurants.com/articles/free-offer-digital-marketing-targetable

- Menuu - online ordering - https://www.runningrestaurants.com/articles/free-offer-online-ordering-menuu

- FoodieOrder - online ordering - https://www.runningrestaurants.com/articles/free-offer-online-ordering-foodieorder

If you didn't see yesterday's email with gov't relief links & info, I've made a new page with those links...

Stay tuned and stay well...
- Jaime