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New Revenue Procedure Allows Related Party 1031s under Certain Conditions

Some Long Believed Exceptions Confirmed 

Included in recently issued Revenue Procedure 2014-3 were some exceptions to 1031(f) related party rules. A 1031 exchange transaction between related parties has long been viewed as risky but no guidance has clarified some exceptions we long believed would work.

The definition of a related party for exchange purposes are family members such as parents, siblings, spouse, ancestors and lineal descendants.  Those that are not considered related are aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, ex-spouses and stepparents.  Related parties are not just family members, it may also be a corporation, partnership or other entity of which more than 50% of the stock or capital interest is held by the same taxpayer directly or indirectly (�267(b) or �707(b)(1)). 

Aggressive taxpayers with a low basis property have attempted exchanging with a related party for a high basis property so the related party could sell the property recognizing little or no gain.  The IRS considers this structure to be tax avoidance and in 1989, subsection (f) was added to Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 imposing special rules for exchanges involving related parties.  Section 1031(f) denies non-recognition treatment to a taxpayer exchanging property with a related party if the taxpayer or the related party would dispose of the property within a two year period.  There is also a "catch-all" provision which states that if the taxpayer took a series of steps to avoid the transaction being classified as a related party transaction, it is still a related party transaction.  The IRS will simply cut out all of the middle steps and see if you have arrived at the same result that you would have if you didn't take the step(s). 

Last month, our article about Structured Sales generated so much interest that we have decided to reprint and also schedule a webinar on Thursday, January 30th to give everyone the opportunity to learn more.


Local to our Collegeville headquarters? We welcome you to come into our office and participate live. Registration is required and seating is limited but lunch with be provided. Call 610-792-4880 to register. 

Structured Sales Offer 1031 Alternative

Tax-Deferral Strategy Opens New Options

A 1031 exchange is an excellent tax-deferral strategy that helps business owners and investors build and preserve wealth. Unfortunately, not all assets qualify for 1031 treatment and some sellers no longer wish to reinvest in other like-kind property.


A "Structured Sale" is an improved version of the traditional installment sale provisions in IRC �453. Instead of receiving a lump sum cash payment upon the sale of the property, the seller receives installment payments spread over a number of years and the gain is deferred over the life of the note with taxes only due when payments are received. A Structured Sale combines the security of a cash sale with the tax benefits of an installment sale.


Unlike a traditional installment sale, the Structured Sale requires only minimal cooperation from the buyer at the time of sale, with no ongoing involvement. In an installment sale the Seller must rely on the buyer's financial   ability to make the future payments, while in a Structured Sale payments are secured by a third-party assignment company, similar to a structured settlement. The Structured Sale also allows the Seller to customize the payment stream to maximize their benefits while receiving a pre-tax rate of return on principal.


Read more about Structures Sales


Structured Sales Webinar

Structured Sales: An Alternative Tax-Deferral Solution


Thursday, January 30th

12:00 - 12:45 pm Eastern


This webinar will highlight the short and long-term benefits of a Structured Sales. It will also feature a discussion about the Structured Sale Fall Back product.  Many of our clients have used this powerful tax-deferral strategy for:

  • failed 1031 exchanges

  • remaining equity left over after successfully acquiring all desired 1031 replacement property

  • non-exchangeable assets, such as the sale of a business, a primary residence with a selling price over $250K/$500K, etc.

  • when our clients want out of real estate all together but are still interested in a tax-deferred strategy.

 Register Now! 


Local to our Collegeville headquarters?

We welcome you to come into our office and participate live. Registration is required and seating is limited but lunch with be provided. Call 610-792-4880 to register.

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January 30th:  Structured Sales: An Alternative to 1031 
February 6th:  1031 Exchanges Made Easy
February 13th:  Current Trends in 1031 Exchanges
February 20th:  Advanced 1031 Exchange Topics
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Dear Friends, 

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I hope 2014 is great year for all of us!

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New Revenue Procedure Allows Related Party 1031s under Certain Conditions
Structured Sales Offer 1031 Alernative
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Wealth Building Webinars
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Message from our President
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