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CDPHE Weekend Surveys 6/1/2018
EVV Implementation 1/1/2018
New IHSS Rules 5/1/2018
CDPHE will be starting a new pilot program as of June 1, 2018 that will allow complaint investigations to be conducted on weekend days (Saturday and Sunday). The Department continues to experience a significant volume increase of complaint allegations prompting the need to develop and implement additional processes that will ensure these complaints are being investigated timely. If a complaint investigation is started at your facility on a weekend, the expectations of the administrator will remain the same as they are now for any other survey, including but not limited to, answering questions and providing any needed assistance to facilitate prompt completion of the investigation. The announcement emphasizes shared responsibility to improve and protect the health, wellness and overall quality of life of those we serve in a timely manner. Questions: Dee Reda 303-692-2893 or 
NEW rules were effective May 1st
Join Laura Neill, former CDPHE surveyor
June 14 for webinar training, 9 am to 11 am

Get answers to questions about:
  • Applicable requirements from Volume 8 to become IHSS certified,
  • Administrative duties required to manage an IHSS agency,
  • Purpose of the IHSS program,
  • What to expect from an IHSS survey,
  • Can a family member get paid to provide only Homemaker services?
• No, a family member cannot be paid for only Homemaker services.
• A non-family member can be paid for only Homemaker services.
• Can someone receive IHSS and Long-Term Home Health (LTHH) at the same time (includes CNA and nursing services)?
  • Yes, as long as there is not a duplication of services.
  • Is the Agency required to complete CDPHE and HCPF’s processes before billing and providing IHSS services to any participant?
  • Yes 
  • Much more!
EVV Colorado set for 1/1/2019 Skilled + Non-medical
21st Century CURES Act Provisions under Section 12006
• The CURES Act requires states to implement an EVV system.
• Any state that fails to do so is subject to incremental reductions in FMAP up to 1 percent.
• EVV can be a strong mechanism for ensuring financial accountability of the program, including reduction in unauthorized services, improvement in quality of services to
individuals, and reduction in fraud, waste and abuse.
• EVV systems can increase accuracy and quality of Services provided.
• EVV can increase efficiency through quick electronic billing incorporated into the system
immediately after entry.

HCPF is committed to collaborating with stakeholders as required in the 21st Century Cures Act and has scheduled meeting during 2018:

• June 19
• July 17 
• August 21
• September 18
• October 16
• November 20
• December 18

Meeting standing location:
Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
303 E. 17th Avenue, Denver CO 80203
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

• Call-in Information: 
Local: 720-279-0026
Toll Free: 1-877-820-7831
Passcode: 982280#
Webinar Link:
5/24 – Non-medical Management 2
5/29 - Understanding the Survey Process
6/7 – HCBS EBD Rules

6/12 - Agency Oversight & Operations (Skilled HCAs)

6/12 & 13 - LIVE Basic 8-hour Administrator Training
6/14 – Program change to IHSS with NEW RULES in effect 5/1/2018

6/19 - Quality Management Program
6/21 - Non-medical Management 2
By appointment for CEU-Consulting at your office 4 CEU minimum

24/7 – eLearn
Care about Care Coordination
Care about Privacy, Confidentiality & HIPAA
Behavior Management of the Client with Dementia & Cognitive Disorders

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