In the movie Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey's character broke the country club's rules and trust of her father in order to help out Patrick Swayze and his dance partner. She took a risk to do some good and proved that "nobody puts Baby in the corner." Johnny and she then broke another set of rules and danced their own steps in an inspiring finale.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a big-time rule breaker; he was smashing all the established boundaries of classical music up until that point and created a new sound apropos to the revolutionary times in which he lived, and for all time to come. When people were criticizing or doubting his work he reportedly would yell, "How dare you question what God is speaking through me!" When the musicians complained his compositions were impossible to play, he refused to listen and made them push through. He was increasingly going deaf, yet despite that malady, composed his most sublime masterpieces when his hearing was almost completely gone to boot! What a gift to civilization itself that he broke so many "rules" and heeded his own internal and divine guidance.

Some rules are meant to be broken, like when they are no longer necessary, are unjust, and/or are limiting you from expanding, expressing and experiencing yourself in a positive way. In your own life, do you, or let someone else, put you in a corner? This could be from an external source, like a person, government, system, substance or even social media. Or perhaps you have seemingly innocuous routines or patterns of thinking that keep you trapped in a loop, preventing you from experiencing more joy, creativity and/or health? We are often our own worst slave-drivers, tyrants and mind-controllers so if we are going to have any chance of existing especially in the outer world that is emerging, we must learn how to become our own inner authority.

Even a benevolent dictator is still a dictator, so start to observe where you limit and/or control yourself, how you talk to yourself; what unspoken, unconscious or conscious rules do you impose that no longer serve you, if they ever did. Break free of your mind's grip and allow your heart to guide you more and more. Tune into yourself and heed your own internal guidance as much as possible, in every area of your life no matter how loud the voices and media are around you.

During these transformative times with systems breaking down left and right, remember that we are the ones we are waiting for. This means the only way we will survive and thrive is if we tap into, understand and develop our body, mind and spirit's autonomy in a way that can coexist harmoniously with others and the planet itself. This is work. It is much easier to stay passive and let others tell us who we are and what we should do. It takes effort not to zone out, bliss out or numb out with any of the myriad distractions, drugs and "cures" sold to us in a variety of ways.

And then once you do step into your inner authority, will you accept the consequences and/or discomfort of stepping "out of line" when necessary to preserve it with dignity? Do you exercise the freedom you have within your own domain and sphere of influence? Will you stand up for those who cannot exercise theirs?

At this critical juncture in history, it seems the human race must, like Cher says to Nicolas Cage in the film Moonstruck, "Snap out of it!" if we are to inhabit our bodies, minds and countries as the sovereign beings we were created to be.

Today's PGG from 2011 touches on this theme; the PGG Video of the Week is about breaking your patterns. This week's Instagram post reminds us your personal growth lies within the unknown and this bonus one is about how the world needs more wisdom, not intelligence. And for today's PGG Vibe of the Week from another groundbreaking, innovative artist, an amazing live performance of Peter Gabriel's Shaking The Tree.

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