SAI Newsletter – September 2021
TenSquared project in China aims to build sustainable relations between workers and managers
SAI’s innovative TenSquared program connects and inspires groups of managers and workers to solve the most challenging workplace problems in just 100 days. SAI is now working with two tech giants to implement TenSquared for four of their suppliers in Shenzhen, China. The companies have completed their launch workshop, where teams of five workers and five managers from each company worked together to identify their ambitious 100-day goals. Read more.
USDOL funds two projects projects focused on improving working conditions in Latin American labor force
SAI is proud to announce that we are the sub-recipient of two new US Department of Labor grants to develop projects working in Latin America in partnership with Partners of the America (PoA). The first of these projects aims to increase understanding among workers, employers, and union leaders of Mexico’s new labor requirements and strengthen the capacity of institutions monitoring labor rights and reform implementation. The second project aims to address possible human and labor rights violations in Colombia’s port sector. Read more. Photo credit: León Corkidi Cárdenas
SAI launches new tools to improve supplier capacity and production planning
Suppliers in India and Bangladesh will soon have a new blockchain-based platform, hosted by SAI and technology partner Vertru, designed to improve their production planning and better estimate their production capacity, while also giving them access to trainings, tools and new buyers. SAI is now seeking participants to pilot test the new Platform and resources. One of the platform's key features, the Supplier Capacity Calculator, will utilize a number of inputs to better predict capacity and reduce the need for unauthorized subcontracting and excessive overtime. Read more.
iWrc Brasil empowers worker-led recycling cooperatives, spurring new iWrc projects in Colombia, Viet Nam
The Inclusive Waste Recycling Consortium (iWrc) team has carried out numerous Social Fingerprint Assessments in Brasil, supporting the worker-led cooperatives’ capacities to meet social compliance standards, and launched a digital ‘micro-burst’ training program to support improvement. The success of the Brasil program has also led to new programs in Colombia and Viet Nam, each country presenting its own unique challenges and opportunities. Read more.
Updates from the Anker Institute
New Living Wage and Living Income Reports
The Anker Research Institute also released several new living wage and living income reports this month, including:
And update reports for:
The Anker Institute is the independent research arm of the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) and SAI is the institutional host.
Photo credit: UK Dept. for International Development
SAI Honors the life and legacy of John Ruggie, In Memoriam
John Ruggie, Professor in Human Rights and International Affairs and former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, passed away on September 20, after a long and storied human rights career. As leading convenor and architect of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, he helped establish the UN's 'Protect, Respect and Remedy' framework, which shifted expectations for the private sector by codifying social responsibilities for businesses and clarifying government responsibilities for enabling human right. His vision has inspired countless initiatives and organizations, including SAI, that are dedicated to holding businesses accountable and helping them implement respect for human rights throughout their operations. His ideas will always serve as a touchstone and guide for SAI’s work. We honor John Ruggie's legacy and he will be sorely missed. Photo credit: Business Ethics Magazine
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Upcoming SA8000 Introduction and Basic Auditor Training Courses
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