CRGC News Broadcast
November 28, 2017

EOD 2018 and Summary Stage 2018 Coding Exercises Now Available

SEER*Educate has made the first 160 practice cases available covering 28 primary site groups. By January 1st, an additional 135 EOD coding exercises on 26 additional primary site groups will be released. These coding exercises contain four data items: EOD Primary Tumor, EOD Regional Node, EOD Mets, and Summary Stage 2018.

These coding exercises provide you with access to draft versions of the EOD and Summary Stage General Coding Guidelines (pdf format). The coding forms provide access to the draft version of the coding schemas with notes. Everything you need to begin training on EOD is available in these exercises.

These coding exercises are not eligible for continuing education credits until Calendar Year 2018. This series will not count for the CE cycle ending 12/31/2017. However, these exercises will provide training on both SEER EOD and SEER Summary Staging 2018 with immediate feedback including answers and the rationale behind the answers.

To read more about these new exercises please click here.
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Mignon Dryden, CTR
Director, E-Reporting
Cancer Registry of Greater California