The Faces of the South Okanagan

South Okanagan Stories: Fillosophy Refill Bar in Oliver

“It’s really about getting people to rethink how we buy things .....
That means refilling and reusing containers rather than buying items at big-box stores that are bundled in excess plastic packaging."

As part of our Chamber Community and Business Recovery initiatives, here is the next story in our series featuring local businesses, organizations and the people and attractions that make up our South Okanagan region.

We are grateful for the financial support of ETSI-BC
and the Provincial Government which allows us to spearhead
projects and initiatives such as this one.

Thank you to the South Okanagan Immigrant & Community Services
and the SO Local Immigration Partnership for sharing stories about their clients that have immigrated to our region and have started up their own businesses. It is great to be able to read about their entrepreneurial
and community spirit and learn more about our neighbours and colleagues.
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