September 2014    

Welcome Brad! 
We are proud to welcome Brad Carpenter to our 
DAC Sales Team.  


Brad joined DAC Sales in September 2014.  He specializes in the design and sales of custom air handling equipment.   Prior to joining DAC Sales, Brad spent six years as a manufacturer's representative for custom air handling equipment, energy recovery units, fans, variable speed drives and lab controls in the New England region.   Brad also worked as a mechanical Engineer for three years with TRO Jung|Brannen in Boston.  Brad is a graduate of the Wentworth Institute in Boston.   


Please feel free to follow up with Bard to welcome him;




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Dartmouth Burke Hall Konvekta Coils


Dartmouth Burke Hall

Happy Customers 


The new existing Burke Hall Chemistry Building was built in the 1950's. The mechanical systems were renovated in the early 1990's. A state of the art Konvekta energy recovery system was retrofitted into the system in 2012 to save energy from the 120,000 cfm of exhaust from the labs. - Continue Reading




Annexair Composite HRU

Thermo-Composite Units 


Within a two year period Annexair's Thermo-Composite units have become a substantial part of the production loading.  Now nearly half the units produced are Thermo-Composite.

Compelling reasons to look at Thermo-Composite Construction:

  • Lifetime warranty on casing against corrosion
  • No price add - same price as G90 steel
  • 30-40% lighter than G90 steel unit
  • 2" R14 polystyrene foam is Greenguard certified
  • Includes Ziehl-Abegg energy-efficient composite plenum fans ... Continue Reading




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Google Analytics rated this as our most popular Blog Post over the last three years. It's just a simple list of questions to ask when designing a custom air handling unit.  

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In general, a desaturation coil (desat coil) will help in any application where the cooling coil is the last component in an air handling unit.  The desat coil is one of several options which can provide the necessary minimal reheat so supply air doesn't leave the unit saturated.  Continue reading 



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