Dear Friends,
As you all know, for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, we asked people to wear masks for all Ansche Chesed services. Thank you all so much for adhering to this policy, even if it was not your first choice. You enabled us to fill the Sanctuary with prayer and song.

Now the High Holidays have passed, attendance will be smaller and services shorter. So, as promised, our masking policy is changing.

As of today, AC Sanctuary services are mask-optional, as per the details below.

People have a wide range of preferences, and we aspire to meet your needs as much as possible.

·      To those who wish to mask and be physically separate from anyone unmasked, we will designate – and clearly mark – a section of the Sanctuary as mask-mandatory.
·      To those who wish to mask themselves, but don’t mind sitting near others who are unmasked, you can sit anywhere.
·      To those who wish to unmask, please sit anywhere except the designated mask-mandatory zone.

We believe this system will create space to match a range of our community’s needs and enables us to respect everyone’s choices.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful smiling faces this Shabbat and in the future, especially during Sukkot, zman simchateinu, the season of our joy.

Warmest wishes for a healthy, happy 5783.
Dawn Kellman, President
Rabbi Yael Hammerman
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky