ACF Certification Chair Network News | September 2018
National News
CEC/CEPC Certification Requirements
Beginning October, 1, 2018, all CEC/CEPC Certification candidates must complete a 30 hour course in Beverage Management. Beverage Management Courses can be found in many culinary school transcripts and will be available online as well.

Already certified or in pre-approval? You will not be required to take this course to either certify or recertify.
CSC/CWPC Certification Requirements
CSC/CWPC Candidates who have completed an ACFEF Certificate/Diploma program will only be required to provide four years of work experience.
Recertification after Expiration Policy Change
Prior to the full announcement of a Recertification after Expiration policy change. Any candidate who wants to recertify under the current policy MUST do so by January 1, 2019. An email blast will be going out to these individuals.
Evaluator/Administrator Refresher Reminder
The Evaluator refresher will soon be released. This refresher will be based around the NEW CCC Practical exam market basket and costing requirements. It will coincide with the new CCC handbook release. The CCC window closes on 11/1/18, so they will want to see this as early as possible.
Administrator CEH and Practical Exam Paperwork Changes
Test Site Administrator CEH have been raised to 12 CEH per exam. As part of this change, we will be requiring you to change the way you complete your paperwork. Some of these changes will be featured in the Certification Evaluator Newsletter, but if you do not receive that or need additional information, please email
March 1-10, 2019
Registrations Now Open!
To reserve your station, you must be
Remind your chapter members to check email and mail to receive Certification promotions. The final date for 30% off promotion is 12/31/18.
Coming Soon!
New Savory Exams
After more than two years of work and assistance from more than 100 total volunteers, all savory certification level written exams will be launched and released in the new format with updated content that is current to industry standards.

Please reach out to anyone in your chapter who assisted with the written exam rewrites to thank them for their hard work and dedication to ACF Certification.
What else is coming?
  • Brand new updated PSI testing platform
  • Spanish CEC Exam
  • Spanish CEC Handbook
  • All NEW practice exams
  • New Written exam retake policy
  • CFC/CFPC Spanish exam option through NOCTI
Have You Heard?
CCC Practical Exam changes went into effect August 1, 2018!
The 90-day window during which either exam is accepted is now open. This window will close November 1, 2018 !
Check out the new and improved market basket and competencies and review the costing component for the candidate and/or evaluator scoring for the CCC practical exam.
Chapter Input Needed
What excites you the most about the upcoming written exam launch?
New content for savory exams
New practice exams
Spanish CEC/CFC/CFPC options for exams
Spanish Handbook
New testing platform
Updated Retesting Policy