Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
November 2019 Dream Journal

Scholarship Students Outfitted for the New School Year
Thanks to all our generous sponsors our 26 high school scholarship students are set for another year of study with new clothes, school supplies and extra tutoring funds. For some this will be their last year in high school before they join the 20 university students we are also supporting on their educational path.

We are excited and proud to share the news that our first ever university student Malis Oeurn graduated from University in Phnom Penh with a Chemistry Degree.

A BIG thank you to her sponsor Starr Moore from Atlanta, Georgia for her steadfast support. 

Malis will be teaching at a rural school as it is her dream to give back to her community.
School Opening Ceremony
November 1st is a big day in Cambodia when enthusiastic students return for the first day of school and many parents and community members participate in the opening ceremony.
Thanks to our Cambodian Board CEO , Sokun Set , who continues to encourage students to study and make their parents proud. Mr Khiev Vanna , from the District Education Department and Mr. Prean Prob , Ampil Commune Chief also participated in the ceremonies.

New Board Member
A warm welcome to our newest Board Member Jennifer Forney from Alamo, California who has been an enthusiastic supporter and advocate for our cause for many years. We are glad she is carving the time in her busy schedule to serve on our board.  

Staff Education

We are proud of our Education Coordinator Sovoan Sem for following her dreams and graduating with an MBA degree from University of South East Asia in Siem Reap .

She studied while holding down a fu time job and having a baby, Reza, now 9 months.

Congratulations, Sovoan! You are a great role model!
Donors who make a difference
Paul Schreiber $5,000 to fund a preschool and much more!

Jenn Forney $2,000 to fund a preschool in honor of her parents Joanie and Daniel Forney .
Volunteer Interns

We say a warm welcome to Paul Thompson from Melbourne, Australia , who will help in the Education Department .

The kids always love a big brother around.
Preparing for the holidays
If you are part of our US contingent of friends & supporters and you are looking forward to a traditional Thanksgiving gathering with your family, consider suggesting to your family a more modest Christmas gifts exchange and gifting a water well or a year of education for a deserving Cambodian family.
Remember : Ordinary people can do extraordinary things to change lives - one child at a time .