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Mauck & Baker, located in downtown Chicago is nationally known for representing churches, religious institutions, businesses and individuals in religious liberties cases. Our monthly newsletter covers topics relating to religious news and legal information relevant to our practice. Please forward our newsletter on to others interested in religious freedom and visit our website for more information about our work. 
September, 2014
The Wrong Kind of Christian, Christianity Today  
Read Tish Harrison Warren's article on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's loss of organizational status at Vanderbilt University. 
The Miracle on Capitol Hill, Things Not Seen
Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of John Mauck's interview with David Dault, producer and host of Things Not Seen on the passing of RLUIPA. 

New Screwtape Letter Uncovered     
September, 2014

For the C.S. Lewis fans and all those familiar with zoning law, we hope you enjoy some zoning humor in the
 following post. Noel Sterett will be speaking more extensively on this topic at the upcoming CLS Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.    
 While fighting to protect religious liberty in cases all across the country, Mauck & Baker uncovered the following letter. For legal reasons which can only be explained in Latin, we cannot disclose how the letter was uncovered. We share it only to alert you to its troubling scheme. 

Freedom of Worship, Not Freedom of Religion   
 September, 2014 


Religious liberty is the first freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and highly regarded as a vital part of our American way of life. However, there is a view growing in popularity that religion is dangerous and with that view comes the call to define down religious rights. Read more   from attorney Richard C. Baker.