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                        January 2014                         





    Here it is 2014 and in spite of the Holiday delights I have been getting some new work done.  I also want to give you one more chance, even if it is cast, at a special price on PLAYMATES, now that you can actually see the way the sculpture can work.

   My MOOSE is nearly sold out, many people liked the feeling of action that it had being base free, so I have created a new desk sized BULL ELK for you that way.  And you will love the pre-cast price offer. 

   Life here slows down in the winter, even when the snows have been so light for us.  My new paint mare,  Feather, appreciates the freedom of movement possible out to the pasture whether or not she can find anything good.  With just her and the pony as residents there is lots of hay for the wild rabbit that has moved in and the deer that has been coming in the barn, too.

 PLAYMATES    Horse and Heeler


Send me photos of your horse and your heeler.   My patineur is fantastic, you would not believe what she can do to duplicate your friends.   Does your heeler have a long, mid, or stub tail?  We can do it that way for you.                               
12" tall by 15 1/2" long
Limited Edition of 20 
PLAYMATES   Horse and Golden Retriever
   Golden Retrievers come in a wider range of tones than I ever knew until I got my cr�me.  How light or dark is yours?  Or perhaps yours isn't quite a golden but with a few modifications this fella could come close, spots and all.  I'd love to try.  Give me a call so we can talk about your favorite playmate.                             .


PLAYMATES  (WITH DOG)      $1850

PLAYMATES (HORSE ONLY)    $1650                                   

 All orders, as always, are satisfaction completely guaranteed.  One half down will start your sculpture through, it takes about two months to ten weeks at the foundry.  Time payments are possible, we accept Visa, Mastercharge, and personal checks.  Please email me or call me, 208 265 9613 if you have any questions.  I'd love to discuss your bronze with you.

If you have some other special requests, please let me know.  Do be looking for my next new sculpture, BORDER COLLIE, not part of the PLAYMATES but a nice sized bronze about nine inches long and six inches tall. 


Again, you can always give me a call, 208 265 9613.


Gabe Gabel
Gabe Gabel Studio
                                  BULL ELK
12" LONG 10" TALL
Limited Edition OF 20 
Precast Price  $1100                                   

Issue Price to be  $1500


This elk will be available in your choice of patina, classic ferric, the traditional bronze or the full color natural elk.

If you are interested in adding this beautiful bull to your collection, please call or email me.  He is at the foundry right now in process and will be ready to ship in about ten weeks.  One half down reserves your bronze for you as the first castings are completed.                                             

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