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A Self-Coaching Driver Safety E-Lesson

A new 45–60-minute immersive online driver coaching service from Driving Dynamics, designed to help drivers understand how their behavior behind-the-wheel impacts overall driving risk and helps them adopt strategies to minimize that risk.

Based on the results of an online DrivActiv assessment, which analyzes responses to six personality dimensions linked to unsafe behaviors, drivers complete the iQuotient Insights™ Self-Coaching lesson exploring how personality and behavior affect driving styles and safety behind-the-wheel. The lesson concludes with the learner personally crafting their own Driver Safety Improvement plan.

Fleet and Safety Managers Learn How Driver Self-Awareness Can Meaningfully Impact Your Fleets Safety Performance

Driver Safety Coaching Based on 6 Key Personality Dimensions 
1. Resistant vs. Accommodating
2. Anxious vs. Calm
3. Impatient vs. Patient
4. Distractible vs. Focused
5. Impulsive vs. Cautious
6. Thrill-Seeking vs. Apprehensive
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