New Service, Medicaid Data, Data Strategy Team and More...
Maimonides and Healthix Collaborate on New Service
Maimonides has long recognized the importance of having current and comprehensive community-wide clinical information available for population health programs. Optimal use of this information, whether in care management, clinical workflow or advanced analytics, requires that information automatically update in near real-time, without the need for a query. Seeking to optimize information flow and resources further, Maimonides and Healthix collaborated to create a service where Healthix will deliver just new and/or updated information -- for example, a new lab result or change in demographics -- as a C-CDA. The elimination of redundant information minimizes the need for additional resources and further streamlines the flow of information. Healthix will soon be offering this as a new service to all Participants.

Department of Health's Medicaid Data Pilot Enters Final Phase
Healthix is excited to announce that we have received and fully integrated Medicaid data (Membership Enrollment, Professional Claims and Pharmacy) into our systems. Of particular benefit for DSRIP PPSs is the ability of Healthix to know which Medicaid patients are attributed to which PPS. This means Healthix can leverage this data to trigger alerts and provide patient/member matching. Healthix can not expose claims data to our Participants until NYS Department of Health provides approval. When this is given, claims data will be fully available in the Healthix Portal and through secure exports (C-CDA, alerts).

The Healthix Data
Strategy & Reporting Team
Takes Center Stage
Healthix has expanded it's data quality team to include two data analysts and a senior project manager, led by Director, Tina Lowry. While data quality is always a priority at Healthix, the expansion of data and the vital role it plays in the SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap places this team front and center. Activities the group is tasked with include oversight and analysis for internal and external reporting as well as streamlining data management.

Skilled Nursing Care and Other Long-Term and Post Acute Care Facilities
Skilled Nursing Care and other Long- Term, and Post-Acute Care Facilities providers play essential roles in a patient’s continuum of care. The participation of these facilities in Healthix provides valuable data which can help drive care coordination. 

As a key goal for 2018, Healthix is committed to bringing New York State licensed and regulated Article 28 facilities into the HIE to support transitions in care.

New Participants Who've Joined in 2018

  • Beth Abraham Health Services
  • Cardiff Bay LLC
  • Chateau at Brooklyn Nursing and Rehab Center
  • Cooperstown Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing
  • Ellicott Center for Rehab and Nursing Glengariff Healthcare Center
  • Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rockville Centre
  • Granville Center for Rehab and Nursing
  • Oneida Center for Rehab and Nursing
  • Resort Nursing Home
  • Riverside Premier Rehab and Healing Center
  • St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
  • The Hamptons Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • The Phoenix Rehab and Nursing Center
Recent Events
 Patients joined in to show the importance of community-based healthcare and Healthix.

  • Jason Shapiro, MD of Mount Sinai and Tom Moore of Healthix, presented an educational session on Identifying Frequent ED Users in HIE

  • Tom Check,CEO of Healthix,described Essential Alerts at the InterSystems Booth

  • Todd Rogow, CIO of Healthix, presented on Data Management at the NetApp Booth

PPSs and Healthix gather to discuss the importance of HIE and how to engage PPS providers and partners

Upcoming Events

presented by City and State NY, and featuring Tom Check CEO, panelist Improving Patient Outcomes
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