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Shoreline Plan approved
What is it? The Shoreline Plan provides key guidance around the building of structures for boating access—such as boat ramps, piers, buoys, boat lifts, and slips—as well as policies related to non-motorized boating on Lake Tahoe, low-lake level conditions and the management of aquatic invasive species.

Where is it in the process? The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board unanimously approved the Shoreline Plan on October 24, 2018. It will go into effect in 60 days and be implemented over the next 20 years.

What is the League’s position? SUPPORT .
In 2016 the League advocated for a collaborative process to bring diverse stakeholders together to solve this decades-long contentious issue. Two plus years and over 60 meetings later a negotiated plan has been adopted. The League will remain engaged during the Plan's implementation to ensure the intended environmental benefits are realized.
Development Rights Strategic Initiative
What is it? This initiative is intended to revamp Tahoe’s development rights system, which governs the types and amount of development that can happen in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Tahoe officials enacted the current development rights system to remedy unchecked 20th century development at Tahoe. Development had destroyed some of the Tahoe Basin’s most sensitive lands, including many of the marshes and wetlands that acted as the Lake’s most effective natural pollution filters. The Development Rights Strategic Initiative aims to improve the current system by accelerating the removal of old, environmentally-harmful development from sensitive lands and replacing it with environmentally-beneficial redevelopment in existing urbanized areas.    

Where is it in the process? A working group of diverse stakeholders in the Tahoe Basin, including the League to Save Lake Tahoe, met over the course of two years to identify environmentally-neutral code updates that would accelerate environmentally-beneficial redevelopment. These changes leave the overall cap on development at Tahoe unchanged, but allow developers to convert any one of the three types of development rights—units for commercial floor area, tourist accommodation units and residential units—to one of the other types. Under the changes, it is also easier to transfer development rights geographically within the Lake Tahoe Basin. Other benefits include incentives for developers to build achievable housing and mixed-use projects. The TRPA Governing Board unanimously approved the updates on October 24, 2018.

What is the League’s position? SUPPORT.
As a supporter of the 2012 Regional Plan Update—and as a supporter of environmental improvements at Lake Tahoe being driven by private redevelopment—the League supports this initiative. The League will remain engaged during implementation of the new code.  
Funding for Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe Restoration Act and California’s Proposition 3

What is it? In 2016, following years of advocacy by the League, Congress passed the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act of 2016, authorizing $415 million over seven years for projects to restore and protect Lake Tahoe. This November California voters, with passage of Proposition 3, have the opportunity to bring up to $1.2 billion to Lake Tahoe for restoration efforts, stormwater management projects and other water quality improvements.

Where is it in the process? Congress must still approve the funding authorized by the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act. So far, it has fallen short in that regard, releasing a small fraction of the funding that is available.  California residents VOTE on NOVEMBER 6. Passage of Proposition 3 will send a minimum of $100 million in state funds to support water quality programs at Lake Tahoe, with additional competitive funds available in the years ahead. 

What is the League’s position? SUPPORT .
The League will continue to lead advocacy in Washington, Sacramento and Carson City to ensure that funds are appropriated to meet Lake Tahoe’s urgent needs. Through our role in key Lake Tahoe oversight committees, we’ll ensure funds from both the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act and Prop 3 (if approved) are spent efficiently to maximize the benefits for the Lake’s health.
Lake Tahoe news
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board approves shoreline plan, changes to development rights
October 26, Tahoe Daily Tribune
After years of work, Lake Tahoe's chief regulatory agency is altering two of its most significant programs impacting development in the basin.
Guest column: Yes on Prop. 3 to Keep Tahoe Blue
October 16, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Lake Tahoe, famous for its cobalt blue waters, received some alarming news this year. Scientists with the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center reported that Lake Tahoe's clarity reached an all time low in 2017.
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