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Release Date: 2.14.20 |UPC: 684417876962 | ISRC: USPXQ2014201 | Worldwide | Digital
Candlelight Chaos was formed in the beginning of 2018 by Bassist Charlie Angel. Signed to Bongo Boy Records they released their first single LOUDER. Toured up to spring of 2018. In May of 2018 Charlie met new guitarist Randy Bobzien and started to write new material. Looking for a drummer they found K.K. Hans, a veteran drummer from the tri-state area club scene. Kat Ryder, a local vocalist was introduced to Candlelight Chaos by Bongo Boy Records and was a perfect fit to a perfect lineup. 
Today the band released their new single "Crush of Innocence" on Bongo Boy Records. The lyrics are written by April Wargo and Charlie Angel and the music is composed by Charlie Angel. This track is a strong presentation of the new line up for Candlelight Chaos a pure hard rock band from New Jersey with a killer new single release "Crush Of Innocence".
Kat Ryder- Lead Vocals
Charlie Angel- Bass Guitar and Vocals
Randy Bobzien Lead guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals
K.K Hans- Drums and Percussion

CRUSH OF INNOCENCE by Candlelight Chaos (Bong Boy Records)
Kat Ryder - Lead Vocalist
It was the age of five when I knew I wanted to be a singer. Born in NJ, I moved to PA in 2005. In 2006 I was in the ensemble of The Best Little Whore House In Texas and in 2007 South Pacific at the Ephrata Playhouse. In 2017, after searching for years to join a band I finally got my break with a cover band from Mt. Penn, PA, Pistol Whip'D. In 2018 I realized that my heart was in originals music. I found Madness At Midnight which included three talented musicians from Reading PA. We had a busy first year in 2019 as we opened up for Hinder, Day Shell Green Jelly and Awake At Last.... we put out an EP in 2018. Our music was on Reverberation for a local area for Rock. We are number 1 and we held that spot for almost a year. Our songs are being played on various internet radio stations on rotation and in other countries. I auditioned for a band in NJ, Candlelight Chaos, in 2019. I'm looking forward to many more shows in the future guitarist and Vocalist with both live performance and studio recording experience.

Charlie Angel - Bassist / Songwriter

Charlie Angel 35 years touring and recording experience. 
I started out as 10 years old when my uncle Joe Moretti gave me my  first guitar.  He planted the seed and from that point on I was hooked on music. At the age of 17 I switched to Bass Guitar and found that the instrument was more to my liking.  
Once I started playing in bands, my uncle Jerry Kryceski, who had a band named HARLOW with his 2 brothers Michael and Johnny, all became the biggest influence on me as Jerry helped mold me to become what I am today.
Being influenced from the era of 70's I grew up listening to some amazing bands such as KISS, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and others of that time period.

K K Hans - Drummer

Instrument, Drums. 35 years experience Playing and Recording. 

Associated acts, Sheena, Rio Strange and Stratus.

Equipment, Gretsch drums, Zilgjian cymbals, Promark.

Influences drums, Bill Bruford, Vikki Fox

Band influences, UK, Led Zeppelin,Yes.


Randy Bobzien - Guitars/Vocals

Former Lead Guitarist in Warner

Experienced lead guitarist and Vocalist with both live performance and studio recording experience .

 Bros./Pavement Music recording artist Fear of God. Recorded all lead guitars on the Fear of God release "Toxic Voodoo" album. (1991-1994)

Lead Guitarist of Atlanta, GA based industrial band Animal Filter. (1999-2001)

Lead Guitarist of Houston, TX based metal/Rapcore band DeepAboveSurface. (2003-2005)

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist/Bassist of the 2nd incarnation of Medusa1975 (Denver, CO). Originally from Chicago on Pepperhead Records (1975 release). Vocal and guitar work on the 2016 release of Medusa1975's "Rising from the Ashes" album. (2013-2016)

Lead Guitarist of Scranton based power metal band Beyond Fallen, with releases on both Melissa Records and Underground Power Records. (2016-2019)

Previous equipment endorsements from ADA, Hartke, and D'Adarrio Strings

Currently use Gibson/DBZ/BC Rich guitars, Bugera amplification, Boss amplification/effects, Digitech effects, D'Addario strings

Premier daily at 3pm EST
Added to Friday's Power Hour at Midnight
and Saturday's Power Hour at 8pm

FEB, 28 at Artie's Bar and Grill
Frenchtown, New Jersey 
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