When my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I was too young to fully comprehend the situation my family faced. At age 10, I still thought my grandparents were invincible. It was just a little strange that grandma seemed to be forgetting how to cook my favorite lunch. Now in hindsight, working at Keiro the past seven years has provided me the opportunity to reflect back upon this point in time through the perspective of my parents. Neither of them were trained health care professionals, yet my grandmother’s deteriorating health sparked the start of their own caregiving journeys. The shocking truth is that this story is similar to many other families in Our Community. It is a journey that we are never fully prepared for, yet we learn and adapt every step of the way.
Kevin with his father, mother, and brother
One way Keiro continues to support Our Community’s caregivers is to provide tools and resources that address the different situations you might face during your own caregiving journeys. Everyone’s experience will be different; however, we want to make sure that no caregiver in Our Community feels alone. I am pleased to announce that our upcoming Caregiver Conference, originally scheduled at the Venice Japanese Community Center, will now be hosted entirely virtually.

As we transition our conference to this virtual space, I ask you all to reach out to a friend or family member who may be interested in our resources and tools and invite them to join us. Whether you are a past, current, or future caregiver, we hope to enrich and support our caregiving community throughout your journeys. To register, please click here . I look forward to seeing you all online in May.

Kevin Onishi
Director of Programs
Caregiver Conference Event Details

Date: Sunday, May 31, 2020
Conference start time: 2:00 p.m.
Conference end time: 4:15 p.m.

Keynote Panel: Difficult Conversations
This panel will touch on the various moments in life when conversations surrounding the care of our loved ones becomes challenging. The panel is aimed to empower attendees to start these difficult conversations with the loved one you are caring for and other family members.
Moderator: Kanako Fukuyama, MSW, Iyashi Care
Panelists: Lynn Miyamoto, Naoko Okada, Andrew Takahashi

Workshop: Danshari: Downsizing and Decluttering
Danshari is the practice of letting go of material things. Learn how to start conversations with loved ones about downsizing and decluttering to enhance the aging-in-place experience.
Speaker: Marty Stevens-Heebner, CEO & Founder, Clear Home Solutions
The Caregiving Forum on April 18 will be completely online. Join us through Zoom webinar to learn more about caregiving basics through our online lecture, with an interactive question and answer session.
Food Delivery and Zoom Tutorials
Food Delivery
Food delivery services are being utilized now more than ever due to the Safer at Home order and social distancing. Read this article to familiarize yourself with food delivery services, and consider attending one of Keiro's virtual forums to equip yourself with a new way of getting food to your home!

Zoom Conference Tutorials
Keiro programming will be done virtually in the upcoming months, and we want to help everyone access this information, no matter where they are. Zoom conference is easy to use, and we hope this tutorial article along with our step-by-step document can prepare you for attending our virtual programs.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will be holding Virtual Keiro Forums for you to enjoy and learn aging topics from the comfort of your own home. To find out more information on what topics we will be presenting and when, check our website for details and registration.

The Iyashi Care team continues to provide palliative care in a culturally-sensitive, efficient, and safe way to the community. If you or your loved one is interested in  Iyashi Care , or are currently enrolled, read about the different changes that are being made to ensure the safety of everyone.

COVID-19 Resources
Keiro is continuously updating our website with useful information and resources regarding COVID-19 to help Our Community through this difficult time. Below are articles to keep you and your loved ones informed on best practices during this time. 

COVID-19 日本語での情報発信


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