Introducing Slate Elections for Selecting New ACPM Regents
Dear ACPM Members,
On behalf of the ACPM Board of Regents and the Strategy and Board Development Committee, I am excited to announce a number of strategic changes to the process of how we select leadership for our organization. We believe the new process will allow more impactful participation from you as a member, while ensuring our leadership has the competencies needed to successfully guide ACPM to meet the goals laid out in our strategic plan.

Traditionally, Executive Officers and Regents-at-Large were selected via an election process that has seen a progressively smaller number of members participating. With traditional interventions exhausted, the Board of Regents directed the Strategy and Board Development Committee to review our current processes and propose a process which would strengthen engagement and align the selection of leadership with the competency based approach adopted by the organization.
After months of deliberations, the Strategy and Board Development Committee proposed new election policies that were adopted by the Board of Regents at their meeting on December 20, 2017. The changes include:
  • The Strategy and Board Development Committee will identify any insufficient areas and/or needs of the Regents which will be disseminated to the membership through multiple communication channels, including webinars and emails.
  • Members will be encouraged to submit nominations of members who hold the requisite skills identified by the Strategy and Board Development Committee. The goal is to create as broad of a pool of potential nominees as possible.
  • The Strategy and Board Development Committee will review all nominees based on the established criteria and select a slate of candidates—one person for each position.
  • The slate will be presented to the membership and will include the criteria and reasoning for the selection of the slate and how the slate will give the Board the best opportunity to accomplish the strategic goals of the College.
  • The membership will vote to either approve or reject the slate as a whole.
  • If the membership rejects the proposed slate, a competitive election, with additional candidates will commence. It will follow the procedures we have previously used.

The success of the new election proces s depends on the engagement of you as a member. We believe each member cares deeply for our shared profession and has a duty to ensure the leadership of the College gives us the strongest opportunity to succeed. Both the Board of Regents and the Strategy and Development Committee believe these changes will allow you a more meaningful role in selecting our leadership team and we encourage you to play your part.

In the coming weeks you will receive additional information on this year’s election schedule, as well as the criteria we have identified as part of the selection process. Please review the criteria, participate in our webinars, help identify nominees, and vote in our elections.

I thank you for your continued participation in ACPM and would welcome any comments or feedback on the new process. Please send comments to Ben Butz at

Thank you,
Stephanie Zaza, MD, MPH, FACPM
President-Elect, ACPM Board of Regents
Chair, Strategy and Board Development Committee
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