New Sleep Health Offering for Providers
July 30, 2018

Dear UHA Colleagues:

Our Provider Wellness Surveys have shown us that sleep impairment is a powerful driver of burnout and also a powerful roadblock to professional fulfillment. We know there are many reasons for impaired sleep and we aim to provide tools this year for providers who are interested in improving their sleep health.  
If you indicated in your 2018 Provider Wellness Survey that you wanted personalized sleep health recommendations, we will be sending those to you within the next week. Look for the emails from the UHA Sleep Health Team (
One option we can recommend is the SleepRate app, and have arranged for all UHA providers to have access to a complimentary one-year membership.  You can learn a lot about your sleep patterns and how to improve them in a year, and then decide whether it's worthwhile to continue.  (None of us have any financial interest in this company)  
SleepRate's sleep therapy program uses evidence-based methods to improve sleep health by sleep monitoring, assessment and personalized sleep therapy plans. SleepRate's user-friendly app works alone or in combination with a sleep tracking device.

To get started and claim your free SleepRate membership, follow these steps:
  1.  Visit this website and sign up with your work email address (please type carefully to ensure your email address is correct)
  2. Download the free SleepRate app (Google Play or App Store)
  3. Start tracking your sleep with an eligible device (including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar H10 & H7). If you don't have an eligible tracking device, you may consider purchasing a "contact-free device" ($59.99) which is placed underneath your mattress. The program is most effective when either an eligible device or a contact free disk is used.
  4. You will receive instructions to sync your device using bluetooth
  5. After you track your sleep for 7 days, you'll receive a sleep assessment report and recommendations
 We hope you find this a useful tool for sleep health!

Rachel Roberts, MD
Medical Director, Provider Wellness
Medical Director, Collaborative Primary Care

Andrea Hausel, MPH, RDN
Wellness Director 
University HealthCare Alliance

Bryan Bohman, MD
Chief Medical Officer
University HealthCare Alliance

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